Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Advocare?

I asked Camille to write why she feels like Advocare was for her and our family:

So I know I have had tons of posts talking about Advocare, a nutritional supplement company.  Many people have asked me about it and I wanted to share my experience with both the products and the company.  

We took Advocare products briefly in 2002 and loved them.  We knew they worked but just fell out of the habit of taking our vitamins.  Then Aaron did their 24 day challenge in 2012 and lost 18 pounds in 24 days.  It jump started a healthier way of life and gave him some help shedding some weight.  I decided to try the products this past April and told Aaron that the minute I was done with my challenge I was going back to my coffee.  Well, I had to eat my words.  Advocare’s energy drink, Spark, has truly transformed my days.  It has given me sustained energy without that afternoon slump that made me want to curl up and nap.  I had more energy for my kids and to get in that exercise that helped me keep off the 15 pounds I have lost since taking Advocare products. 

Then in June we adopted Asher.  Sweet, adorable, crying from reflux Asher.  :)  Spark became my best friend those first few sleepless months.  And since I have been taking their vitamin supplements, I can proudly say that I haven’t gotten sick once.  I always get a sinus infection or bronchitis every year.  This is the first year I haven’t been sick which is completely amazing since I am getting less sleep than ever before.  These products work and have honestly changed my life for the better.  The truth is I need these vitamins to fill in those nutritional gaps that we all have in our lives from our eating.  I am making better choices consistently while still enjoying my cheese dip and salsa.  :)

Now onto our experience with the company.  Advocare offers a unique opportunity to help you earn extra income.  Aaron and I had been praying about the possibility of using Advocare to supplement Aaron’s income.  As a stay at home mom of now three children, costs were rising and it was time to get creative.  As God would ordain it, when we adopted Asher we stayed with a family we had never met before who became life long friends.  Of all the professions this couple could be in, they were both full time Advocare distributors.  Aaron and I were completely blown away that the family God knit us together with were doing exactly what we had been praying about doing ourselves.  So our ten days living with them was spent asking all of our hard questions.  We saw them build their business with integrity, caring for people with the love of Jesus and having the financial freedom to be with their kids, one of whom has special needs.  We walked out of their house convinced that God was giving us Advocare as the vehicle to give us different choices in our lives, both for the present and our future.  The people we have met in this company are honest, hard working and caring.  We feel very fortunate to have locked arms with such a reputable company.  We are being blessed by being a part of both the business opportunity in Advocare and by taking these products that keep us healthy and full of energy for our family.  

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