Sunday, December 22, 2013

The night I decided to do something about my weight

This same time in 2010 I went to the doctor. It was a normal physical and blood work. I have always been a bit worried about getting diabetes because it runs in my family. When I weighed at my appointment, I weighed 238. I honestly didn’t care about that number until later that night. I glanced in the mirror on the way to the shower and for the first time in my life, I was upset about my weight. (I weighed 155 when I graduated from high school and 170 when I completed college) I walked out of the shower and told Camille I had to loose weight. She had just seen something about the 24 Day Challenge and since I already knew about Advocare, I read about what the 24 DC and ordered it. I needed change. I had to change. I had two kids and I wanted to be alive to see them grow old. 

Here are the 3 ways Advocare changed my life:
  1. I wanted to get the most out of the 24 DC so I learned how to eat. It was amazing to see how actually eating well and supplementing with the right supplements could effect my body. In the first 10 days I lost 8 lbs and 10 more in the last 14 days.
  2. I was drinking 3-6 cokes a day. I LOVED free refills. I was using coke as my main source of caffeine. I started drinking Spark instead. I drank one Spark a day and didn’t need more caffeine. Once child number 3 came into our world I started drinking 2 Sparks a day  :)
  3. I continued on products and continued to drop weight. I have lost a total of 39 pounds and I can honestly say that I will always be taking Advocare products. It isn’t just about weight loss but it is about general health. 

This is a hard post for me. I tend to be someone that only puts himself out there when it is safe, when I know you won’t judge me or think I am crazy when I say I love a certain product. I genuinely love the Advocare products and I have been super impressed with them as a company. 

If you feel like your life needs to change like my life did, let me know.
Contact me and let’s talk.


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