Wednesday, November 27, 2013

10 Things I am thankful for

10 Things  I am thankful for in no particular order: 
  1. That my heart can still be moved. Many people I know are very mechanical in their faith and their lives. There are things that I wish I wasn’t as pessimistic about however I am still very moved by God’s love for me and I am moved daily my my kiddos. 
  2. That sports exist. I have never liked exercise but playing sports (basketball mainly) has provided me with better health.  I love playing on team which led me to love to coach. Parents are not always easy or helpful. My favorite thing is to be able to help kids develop good character. 
  3. I am thankful for what an amazing housewife and mom Camille is. It is an incredibly hard job and I don’t thank her enough. She really is incredible. 
  4. Music. It moves me and I love that. 
  5. Advocare. I really think Advocare saved my life. I have been able to loose weight and we are paying of debt that we took on over the last year. I will probably blog more about this in the future but for now I am thankful for the best nutritional supplements and an incredible opportunity. 
  6. Mission Athens Music: It has been a perfect outlet for me. Great friends and good music. The perfect combo. 
  7. Rosie Cotton. She is the best dog. If you have been around her you know she is a good dog. It will be a sad day for all when she is no longer with us. 
  8. My parents. The older my kids get the more I know how hard parenting is. I can’t imagine being a single mom or being a dad that doesn’t live with his son. Regardless of how it is done, parenting isn’t easy. 
  9. Athens. I would have never thought I would enjoy this city like I do. I also have enjoyed becoming more of an all around UGA fan. I mentioned this is my sermon, Men that put so much hope in boys playing a game, they need to grow up. Sports allow you to feel apart of something larger. The issue is: sports are small. 
  10. Snikerdoodle muffins. I mean I kinda hate them at the same time as love them! Camille started to make them recently and geez they are good. 

Happy Turkey day friends.

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