Saturday, August 13, 2011

33 things in 33 years

1st thanks for all the birthday wishes on facebook, text message or phone call. I thought I would write a few things that I feel like I have learned in the past 33 years.

  1. my character is found only in Christ. In my life I haveI thought I had strong character because of what I could do. It was never true. The older I get the more immaturity I see in my life and my need for the character of Jesus to stand in front of me.
  2. I can grab a baseball across the seams correctly every time I pick one up. An I wasn’t a great ball player after 13:)
  3. I still suck at spelling
  4. Since I am dyslexic and ADD, having the internet read the bible to me has changed my life.
  5. Money can’t fix everything but money sure can make it more fun.
  6. All dads should wear a cup when wrestling with you kids.
  7. It’s always better to order a side of avocado than guac. They typically give you more.
  8. Sonic has the best Coke.
  9. HD tv is really that much better
  10. The minivan wins.
  11. If I could afford it I would have a massage every morning when I wake up.
  12. I love being a dad as much as I thought I would.
  13. I can learn a song pretty fast. I can lead most songs with a chord chart after hearing it a couple of times.
  14. I love live concerts.
  15. I still am thankful Camille said yes. Love her more than I show her. That’s sad.
  16. Always open your dates car door. Always let your date walk in front of you when you are in public. Unless your not proud to be with her. Instead of letting her walk in front of you, break up with her. If you don’t like someone enough to show her off as you walk in, get out. She deserves more.
  17. It is crazy hard not to let your failures define you.
  18. Most people that get incredible results, work incredibly hard.
  19. If you don’t learn how you work best you will end up wasting most of the time you are supposed to be “working”.
  20. I see things differently than most people. I look at broken things and tech things differently. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse when I get frustrated when folks don’t see things the same way I do. Again my character blows.
  21. I love espn.
  22. Not much makes me happier than laughing with my kids.
  23. My favorite dessert is banana pudding. Which my bride made me tonight.
  24. Friends can work together. I can work with my best friend because of Gospel conversations. They are hard but can make it possible.
  25. I really enjoy leading music with my friends. Over the past 10 years I have made some great friends and led some incredible music that made much of Jesus.
  26. Rural Pond and friends does excellent wedding music.
  27. I have a heart for our city. My friend Andy and I are coaching our boys again. Trying to plug into this community.
  28. When you move into a house you MUST know what to do if a water pipe breaks.
  29. Kids toys take up way to much space.
  30. Working with younger guys can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating things ever. I can’t imaging how Mike, Cyndi, Collins, Keith, Paul, David, Asa, Bubeck, and MANY more put up with my arrogance and immaturity.
  31. I am a late night person. I prefer to stay up much later than I do. BUT I have to wake up every morning because we have kidos. I miss sleeping in.
  32. I am trying to encourage my friends and verbalize my love for them.
  33. I don’t deserve for people to love me and say some of the stuff they have today. I have failed many of them and many others. If not for Jesus everyone would have been done with me a long time ago. Thank you to everyone for loving me.

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