Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Full Heart

it's been a while. probably not here for long but here for today. here we go.

Today I played music for the funeral of a friend of mine. We were not best friends BUT i feel like I knew Stewart Hay and that he knew me. I love his son Alastair Hay and his wife Lexis. I don't know his other 3 kids as well. I have led worship with Al, MANY times and Lexis provided the food for many of the retreat we did at FPC and I had many great talks with her on those retreats. One thing stood out about Stewart Hay: people he loved knew that he loved them. I want to be like that. I'm not like that.
I was very honored to play a small role in the funeral honoring his life today. And the Hay family is in my prayers. I remember the feeling of loosing my dad. It's HARD.(old post) I love you guys. I am thankful for the life of Stewart Hay.

I was able to have lunch before the funeral with one of my favorite people in the world, Les Saunders. Les is one of the many reasons that I am who I am today. He pushed me musically and was never afraid to tell me i was off or wrong. After lunch we set up our guitars and mics and played music. It had been 4 years since we had played together but it literally felt like yesterday we hung out and played together. we played well today. We sang well. it was good for my heart to play music with one of my great friends. If we have jobs in heaven and if I find my self making music, I want you in my band Les or I want to be in yours.

After the funeral I had to jet kind of fast in order to make it to Perimeter to lead worship for the Camp All American Staff. One of my roommates from college is a director of CAA and we were able to go have dinner before I led. Again Brent Curl(earlier post) is one of the people that has made me who I am today. He makes having real conversations easy, he always has. Thanks for being someone that lives out the Gospel as well as anyone I know.

Then I was able to see Andy Nelson, a former member at our church, now Youth Pastor in Boca FLA. I miss him and want him and his bride to move back to Athens one day. I am glad to call him friend.

My final thought of the day is this: It took a ton of people to love me and help me get where I am today. I failed A LOT along the way. I hurt people, I failed people, disappointed people and most of all didn't really know myself. Now at almost 33 I see that I have really needed people to love me through my immaturity and poor/irresponsible choices. Brent and Les (the full list is WAY to long) are a couple of the people that did that for me.

Tonight my heart is full because of great memories and people that helped me in the growing up and becoming a man.

"clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."-coach taylor

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