Saturday, March 06, 2010

How I became a guy that leads people in musical worship of Jesus pt. 2:

If this is your first time reading this check out part 1 first.

That retreat I mentioned would easily be one of my most embarrassing moments EVER if there was video from the music I played. I probably only had 8 songs to play that weekend and I remember them asking me to play a couple of well known songs like “I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart”, “I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N” or “MILK MILK MILK DRINK THE WORD WORD WORD” and I didn’t know any of them! I made up chords. Somehow they didn’t think I was a joke. No clue how. Regardless how bad the songs were the weekend was incredible. I was hooked on FPC and I think they were hooked on me. I interned there that summer, worked part time during my last year of school and after I graduated I went to work there full time. My last year of school was probably the most beneficial for me. I played a lot of guitar that year. I had a handful of folks that taught me nuggets of guitar and really helped me. Those folks were: Dad, Brent Curl, Bethany Sherrill Mason, Les Saunders and Kai Bassett. All of these people gave me some tools to make me the guitar player I am today. I started to put together a couple of pieces to my puzzle and to explain them I have to go back in time a bit.

-I spent 4 summers working at a summer camp in Servilleville(sp?) Tennessee growing up. One of my friends (Mark Miller)was a few years older and he was getting a degree in classical guitar and he would lead all of the music for the camp. I remember singing one night out by the camp fire. I remember something stirring inside of me during our singing that summer.

-my forth year of school there was a tour that came through Berry called “road to one day” I had no idea what it was I just knew I liked singing. To set the stage I was between a girl I had once dated and a girl I had a bit of an awkward friendship with. I started to shake because of the weirdness and somehow forgot they were there. At one point I opened my eyes to realize that I was standing on my tip toes with both hands reaching to the sky. I immediately sat down and asked my self “what in the crap are you doing?” As I wrestled with this for a minute I finally decided they didn’t matter this was a genuine expression of what my heart wanted to say.

-Shane Barnards record “rocks cry out” has a live section of worship songs. I still love that section. I remember listening to it and saying this is how I want to lead worship. To me it was more than just leading his songs and walking off stage. His songs all blended together and basically told a story. That is what I wanted to do. I wanted to tell a story that connected to the deepest parts of people. So what better story to tell than the story of Jesus.

I was not and still am not the best guitarist but even from from my camp days I have always felt something inside me towards music and how it connects me to God.

What’s next ? me realizing I don’t suck any more.

hope this might be helpful for someone out there.