Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The rant of the last 6 weeks.

1)    my girl is six weeks tomorrow and I haven’t blogged since she was born so I figured it was time.

2)    After having bay # 2 I think I have a realer(if that’s a word) sense of real friends.

3)    I think our community group is pretty awesome. They have been an incredible help to us.

4)    My fantasy football team has more I juries than you could imagine. I had 6 guys on the bench, 5 were injured and 1 had a one guy on my starting line up on a bye week. It sucked.

5)    My boy is crazy sweet to his baby sister.

6)    We put up our 1st tent in the back yard. It was fun. But the amount of time L played in it didn’t match his excitement about putting it up.

7)    I am excited about oct 24th

8)    I have enjoyed watching flashforward

9)    I love making music with our band at church

10) One day I will record again. Not sure what but I think the day is coming sooner than later

11) My buddy Les and his bride are having their 1st baby this Friday, pray for them

12) The next few are very selfish wants of mine

13) I desperately want an iphone. The new droid phones give me some hope that Verizon can compete. We will see at the beginning of next month when they release them.

14) I also really want to add on to our house or some how have someone buy us a bigger house. We need a bit more room for kids and hosting folks. Praying for this one.

15) Praying that in the next year God will provide another car for us. We are doing well with just one car but I think its almost time for us to have 2 cars again.

16) I want our church to have our own building. Seriously praying for this.

17)  I really need to go to bed because L keeps waking me up early to go to the bathroom. So I have more to say but I am off to night.


Kelly said...

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Arek-arek Mbalong,,, Sarang said...

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