Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Here We Go

So I abandoned my blog.
I let this thing grow mildew and dust all over it.
And now I finally feel like I have crap to say.
And you will now hear that crap I have to say.

I have struggled to write for some reason ever since my dad died. Its isn’t like he gave me inspiration to write, I think from the crap I have written, you can tell I haven’t had anything really inspire me, I just wrote. (nice run on huh?)
I will now crank this bad boy up again with a Rant.

1) I am looking forward to helping lead musical worship for fight club 09. If you’re a guy in the ATL area you should be there. I am excited about getting to sing and make much of Jesus with a bunch of men.
2) The Red Mountain guys are working on a new record…looking forward to that. We have done one that I hope makes the record “All things new” by Clint Wells. I really like it. I have played it twice in the past 3 weeks.
3) I am off for a couple of weeks starting this Monday. Looking forward to it.
4) Watched slumdog…liked it but didn’t love it. Good story, just didn’t change my life like it seemed to change everyone else’s life.
5) Could anyone explain the Jonas Brothers phenomenon to me?
6) I am enjoying a new record, new to me atleast, the civil wars. Check them out.
7) I still hate the Yankees.
8) I am really excited about our band being back together on a regular basis in 4 weeks. This fall we will bring some THUNDER.
9) I am an "on the border" addict. Seriously. I love that stuff.
10) I am so glad we have summer interns this summer.
11) I get that MJ was a person that really changed music. But if almost ANYONE else in the world would have paid 20 million to make a child sexual assault case disappear, we wouldn’t be celebrating like this. Please don’t comment about this part of my rant. I am not questioning anything about MJ’s impact on music. So seriously don’t comment about this. I am deeply saddened for his family and kids. Loosing your dad sucks.
12) The Gibson might make its way on stage for fight club 09.
13) I have been enjoying the xbox and wii again recently.
14) we have a baby girl coming in September. We are not telling her name, so get excited about hearing about her.
15) We had a great time on the 4th. It was a small party that turned LARGE. 14 adults and 9 kids. It was so much more fun than going to Bishop Park like we had planned.
16) I am listening to a ton of Matt Chandler to much right now. really enjoying him as a communicator.
17) I thought I was going to be in bed before 11 tonight…didn’t happen.



David Wilhite said...

Glad you're back man. I miss your rants and various other thoughts. I'm pumped about the new RMC album. And I too have been listening to a ton of Chandler lately. He seriously brings it.

cheryl said...

Welcome back. I've missed reading your blog. I'll send over ten year old Sallie to explain #5.

Erin said...

Finally. I was two days short of starting a petition to get you back. Thank goodness you posted this when you did.

Laura Susan said...

Hooray! Welcome back to blogging!