Saturday, July 11, 2009

5 Reflections on being a dad…

I have been a dad for 3 years now and I have spent a few minutes tonight thinking and so I come here to share.

1)    I didn’t realize how much time you give up to have a kid. When a kid comes along you basically make a choice: either to be a dad or be THAT dad who is a dad when it’s convenient for you. Video games: exist only when he is asleep. Guitar playing: I always have a playing buddy, which is both good and bad. TV watching: I watch more Disney crap than I normally would. (yes, I say normally because I randomly watch Disney crap). It’s just a funny thing to see how much life changes when your have a kid.

2)    I am a guy that enjoys playing sports outside but I have never been the guy that just loves being hot outside just to be outside. I am that guy now. I find myself walking in from work, putting on shorts and going right outside. I sweat through my shirt at least 3 times a week from playing outside.

3)    I laugh crazy regularly at our boy. Tonight we were at our favorite Chick-Fil-A and the cow was walking around, L was calling the cow “hey tow, tome here, tome here tow” slaps his leg and makes kissing noise like calling a dog “tow over here, he not see me. Mooo, Oh oh oh here he is”. My bride and I laughed SO HARD at our boy. We just love that kid.

4)    Vacations are out the window. At the beach all I do is play on the beach and swim in the pool. No break until he goes to bed or takes a nap.

5)    The hopes I have for my boy’s life are things I have to give to Jesus every day. I know that my heart can make him more in my life than he should be and so I fight hard to not allow this sweet boy to be an ultimate thing in my life.


Tonight our family of 4,yes I included our dog, were all sitting on L’s bed and I thought to myself: “this won’t happen again after September when our baby girl comes.” Honestly, it was a bit sad. Listen I know I will love this girl and we of course will LOVE her being a part of our family. But tonight our night was great and the knowledge of that changing is hard.  So tonight I blog just to say I love my family. My bride is the love of my life. My boy is so precious to me. We play together sometimes and I tear up with joy of being his dad and a husband. Today we had a picnic, I couldn’t have asked for much of a better meal. My bride sitting there eating here sandwich and chips, my boy chomping on cracker sandwiches, our dog resting on the blanket and I thought to myself: this is the perfect family picture. Love it!

I’m a dad and I love it. I am excited about this baby girl and know that the Gospel is greater than all of my fears of being a dad to a girl.

So all of you dads out there, let’s step up to the plate and be dads. Love your brides, care for your children, BE THERE. We don’t want our kids to grow up and feel like they don’t know their dads. 

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