Friday, April 10, 2009

Tonight I went to a joint Good Friday service with another local PCA church in town. The service went fine but during it I had this thought: how do I age and care more about the Gospel than my preference.

Nothing in the actual service started this thought. I saw an older couple walk into the sanctuary and thought about what I would be like when I am their age. A large part of me really wanted to have my band with me tonight and I thought there is no way that couple would like that. Then I thought: am I going to be 70 hating whatever new stuff the young folks are doing. My hope is that I would care more about reaching and investing in a younger generation.

Do you think you will care more about the Gospel than your preference of music or instrumentation? Now I in NO WAY think you can sacrifice solid lyrics for catchy tunes. We must sing songs that tell the great story of Jesus’ redemptive love. I pray heartfelt prayers to be the person who cares less about my preference or how I have always done it: and care more about the Jesus in those songs.

On a side not I watched Mars Hill Seattle’s Good Friday service….WOW is all I can say.

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Lisa said...

ask andy anderson about this very thing :)
Love Mom