Monday, February 16, 2009

still not sure

so i still am not sure if i am leaving but here are a few things i thoght i would rant about.
1) this is fun and harder than you think.
2) I really enjoyed the song our great God this morning.
3) i would have loved to watch the red sea fall in on the egyptians. not to watch them die but to see my God do something like that to save me.
4) i really enjoy our community group. i hope they like it as much as we do.
5) i had a brilliant time with Brent the other night at YHC.
6) Rev really loved and invested into his students. YHC will miss you
7) it was kinda funny to see some of the folks that showed up for Revs last chapel.
8) we are doing v-day tomorrow night.
9) i enjoyed ryans new pedals this morning.
10) finally got my ipod setup and updated(1 year later) using an external is the way to go!
11) i don't sleep enough these days.
12) my new favorite words "fank you for shoootin wit me daddy"

off to sleep now....maybe.