Friday, October 17, 2008

Rant of the week

So this has been gone for a while but its back:

1) one of the guys in our band at church asked me if we were a red mountain cover band( we played 3 RMC tunes this past Sunday)…maybe so, if we are I hope we do those guys justice.
2) I am SO freaking excited about the gas prices falling.
3) Looking forward to seeing Red and Rach soon.
4) We are working hard to save $, we have even started using coupons. And it takes more work than I thought it would.
5) I am very excited about the Fall Festival this weekend. Its always a great time.
6) I am enjoying Matthew Smiths new record. A friend, Clint, wrote 3 songs on that record and did a great job.
7) I like half frosted flakes and half honey bunches of oats.
8) Did you know the NHL was playing again, I KNOW….WHO CARES.
9) Christmas is coming soon. That’s crazy!
10) I have been having crazy back issues, if anyone is a massage therapist hala at your boy and come see me.
11) You need to check out Jon Black. He has a new album, very good. Here is a video of the show I saw the other night…clint is actually playing electric guitar.
12) This will be the 1st weekend in 4 that we wont somehow be with the Cains.
13) The last night I made 7 threes in a row, to bad it was before the game started.
14) I am actually looking forward to playing some Christmas songs.
15) I am typing this while the movie ‘Mannequin’ is on, yes I somehow always turn to this movie if its on TV. I was 9 when it was made., crazy.
16) Voting, I will be doing it in a couple weeks. I honestly think there isn’t a good option. I think both will raise taxes and neither will save us financially.
17) I am looking forward to going to Dallas in 5 weeks. I might get to meet Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler. John and I will try and get a picture for his lady love Caroline.

That’s enough for tonight.

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Elisa said...

I used to LOVE Jon Black... I was kind of obsessed with him in Highschool... haha. I hadn't listened to his recent stuff, though. I'm glad you have! sweet connection. I'm listening to his new stuff now (new to me anyway)