Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Few things for you

1) L played his 1st nine holes this weekend. great times. And we went to a wedding in Macon. it was a great weekend of ok golf, friends and good conversations. here are some highlights:

What a SICK setup

my smoking bride

2) Thursday night i went to Jon Black's CD release show in athens with my friends kevin and ryan. I went to see a friend Clint play some electric with him. it was a great show. Jon is a great singer songwritter and Clint is a sick guitarist. the only thing that would have made the show better would have been is BTM wasn't going to ITALLY and would have played that show as well. Hope Jon comes back to Athens and BTM and Clint come and play with him. If you haven't listened to Jon go buy his new CD.

3) this is a big one!

if you read this blog and don't buy this CD we are no longer friends. Red Mountain Music is releasing their Christmas CD. I have had the chance to hear a couple of songs from this record and WOW. I loved it. Ashley Spruling shows that she is still the best female vocalist singing church music. yeah i said it and i mean it. Brian T Murphy and Clint Wells did a great Job producing this record. I look forward to our family putting up our Christmas tree while listening to these traditional songs with an innovative vibe.
Go here to buy the album
Go hear to listen.


David Wilhite said...

dude, I just saw Jon Black play at the Vinyl Friday. Two of my friends were the acts after him. I thought he had a pretty good sound. Was Clint playing with him that night too?

Also, we can totally still be friends because I am most definitely buying that album. Thanks for letting me know about it.


Aaron said...

Clint was playing electric for Jon. I really like Jon's stuff.

Brian T. Murphy said...

thanks aaron, you are a good friend.