Friday, October 24, 2008

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,

Well it is obviously not Christmas yet and if your like me you don’t know what your getting anyone for Christmas or even what your doing for any of the upcoming holidays.

But the one thing that I have started to think about is Christmas music. I play music, and soon I will be playing Christmas music. I often buy Christmas music to see if there is anything we can do at church. Well, so far I have two new Christmas records.

The first one was Shane and Shane’s new Record. This displays like everyone of their records, a SICK ability to harmonize and do different things on the guitar. The record is much more broken down/less produced than most of their albums. One of my favs is the like in one of their songs “He was born to die”. What a line in a song. The thought that from day one God watched his son on earth knowing he was born to die. Ugh. What a humbling thought. They rock O holy Night, Shane E is pretty UNGODLY on that one. (it is great even though it starts out like John Mayer’s ‘No Such Thing’) this is a really good record that I totally recommend getting.

The other new record I have purchased is Red Mountains: Silent Night. I have talked about this to you 4 readers before but now that I have it I figured I would share one last time. This is probably one of my favorite Christmas records period. I am not just saying that because these guys are my friends (BTM and Clint if your read this, I am not writing this to stroke your egos). The first thing that needs to be stated is that they really do have the best vocalist singing for them. Her name is Ashley Spurling. She doesn’t stand out to be anything crazy spectacular but she is. (her voice does the lyrics she sings perfect justice) She is flawless when she sings. What a gift. The record is full of songs we all know and love combined with great musicianship. To me this record is one that you want to put on while your or your family puts up your Christmas decorations and drink hot chocolate. (I will probably not drink hot chocolate this year, I am a hot tea man, Glover Park by tea traditions is my favorite. Annie the tea I drink and the teapot I use was from your moms place) My favorite song is probably 'Come thou Long expected Jesus'. So order this sucker soon.

As you get ready for the Christmas season, my hope is that your Christmas would be about the one that was “born to die’ to bring “joy to the world.”

So, Merry Christmas, in October.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To God the Only Wise

Here is a song we did this morning. I wrote most of the music, Kevin helped with the chorus and Mary sang the lyric to this rhythm. I think we did a nice job this morning. The recording is rough. Not enough drums or bass. but we did this for the prelude.
Click here to hear it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rant of the week

So this has been gone for a while but its back:

1) one of the guys in our band at church asked me if we were a red mountain cover band( we played 3 RMC tunes this past Sunday)…maybe so, if we are I hope we do those guys justice.
2) I am SO freaking excited about the gas prices falling.
3) Looking forward to seeing Red and Rach soon.
4) We are working hard to save $, we have even started using coupons. And it takes more work than I thought it would.
5) I am very excited about the Fall Festival this weekend. Its always a great time.
6) I am enjoying Matthew Smiths new record. A friend, Clint, wrote 3 songs on that record and did a great job.
7) I like half frosted flakes and half honey bunches of oats.
8) Did you know the NHL was playing again, I KNOW….WHO CARES.
9) Christmas is coming soon. That’s crazy!
10) I have been having crazy back issues, if anyone is a massage therapist hala at your boy and come see me.
11) You need to check out Jon Black. He has a new album, very good. Here is a video of the show I saw the other night…clint is actually playing electric guitar.
12) This will be the 1st weekend in 4 that we wont somehow be with the Cains.
13) The last night I made 7 threes in a row, to bad it was before the game started.
14) I am actually looking forward to playing some Christmas songs.
15) I am typing this while the movie ‘Mannequin’ is on, yes I somehow always turn to this movie if its on TV. I was 9 when it was made., crazy.
16) Voting, I will be doing it in a couple weeks. I honestly think there isn’t a good option. I think both will raise taxes and neither will save us financially.
17) I am looking forward to going to Dallas in 5 weeks. I might get to meet Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler. John and I will try and get a picture for his lady love Caroline.

That’s enough for tonight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


For those of you who don’t know me well, which is probably no one that would read this, part of what I do for a living is sing songs with friends. That probably seems strange to folks that haven’t really been around me for the past 7-9 years. I started playing this instrument called a guitar and did something like singing while I played and then I got asked to lead some songs.
Songs have always been something I enjoy singing and listening to. I ran across this song awhile back and recently came back to it. Its called ‘Helaer’.

You hold my every moment You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire And heal all my disease

I trust in You

I believe You're my Healer I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

Nothing is impossible for You

In short: those words were written by a guy that had lied about having cancer. SO in turn the Christian community pulls this song off the shelf, reprints cd’s and dvd’s so that this song is not being purchased anymore.
Ok here is my issue. We as the church say we all need Jesus and the He is our only hope. Well, what is this song saying?
This song, to me, has even more meaning since the writer is a lying manipulative guy. WHY? Because he is just like we are. Do you know anything about guys who wrote some of the hymns we sing? If not I need to write about some of the depressed, pompous, angry and hurtful men that wrote our beloved hymns that many church sing today.

And sometimes we need to sing songs we don’t believe, in hopes that one day God will give us the longings of our heart. And that longing is to see Jesus as our healer, our portion, our needs met, our comforter in hard times and most importantly the super hero of this thing we call life.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Few things for you

1) L played his 1st nine holes this weekend. great times. And we went to a wedding in Macon. it was a great weekend of ok golf, friends and good conversations. here are some highlights:

What a SICK setup

my smoking bride

2) Thursday night i went to Jon Black's CD release show in athens with my friends kevin and ryan. I went to see a friend Clint play some electric with him. it was a great show. Jon is a great singer songwritter and Clint is a sick guitarist. the only thing that would have made the show better would have been is BTM wasn't going to ITALLY and would have played that show as well. Hope Jon comes back to Athens and BTM and Clint come and play with him. If you haven't listened to Jon go buy his new CD.

3) this is a big one!

if you read this blog and don't buy this CD we are no longer friends. Red Mountain Music is releasing their Christmas CD. I have had the chance to hear a couple of songs from this record and WOW. I loved it. Ashley Spruling shows that she is still the best female vocalist singing church music. yeah i said it and i mean it. Brian T Murphy and Clint Wells did a great Job producing this record. I look forward to our family putting up our Christmas tree while listening to these traditional songs with an innovative vibe.
Go here to buy the album
Go hear to listen.