Sunday, August 31, 2008

I REALLY love being a dad

Here are a few highlights from my world.

1) I was sitting outside the bathroom, while my boy was trying go to the bathroom. I walked in and said, “did you go potty?” his response “NO, Daddy, out, Rosie out, close the door, I poopt some more.”(yes he adds a ‘t’ at the end of poop, I know some of you just thought it was a normal jacked spelling by me)

2) after church today C set him on the stage and he ran up and hugged me, pretty awesome.

3) I was sitting on th couch and he walked up to me, handed me a guitar pick, ran over and got his guitar and said “daddy play itar”. Itar is toddler for guitar.

4) We sing a song every night while I brush his teeth. Its awesome when he yells friend, end, fun, man to man, son to son, and best friend. Its so funny. Here is the song. It happens to be on Rob and Bigs intro. My dad used to sing this to me as well.

5) I will stop here. My bride was out one afternoon and I was keeping L while she was gone. We ate lunch, and were about to take a nap. He is in the bathroom alone again and I hear “daddy dirty”. Yup there was poop on his hand. Awesome. Nothing like being a dad.

6) ok one more. when you ask L who loves him most, he responds “God loves me most”. I hope one day he really knows that.

There are 6 small reasons why I love being a dad..

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Anonymous said...

so cute. I'm so glad you included the clip. Really makes me think of y'all brushing your teeth.