Sunday, August 31, 2008

I REALLY love being a dad

Here are a few highlights from my world.

1) I was sitting outside the bathroom, while my boy was trying go to the bathroom. I walked in and said, “did you go potty?” his response “NO, Daddy, out, Rosie out, close the door, I poopt some more.”(yes he adds a ‘t’ at the end of poop, I know some of you just thought it was a normal jacked spelling by me)

2) after church today C set him on the stage and he ran up and hugged me, pretty awesome.

3) I was sitting on th couch and he walked up to me, handed me a guitar pick, ran over and got his guitar and said “daddy play itar”. Itar is toddler for guitar.

4) We sing a song every night while I brush his teeth. Its awesome when he yells friend, end, fun, man to man, son to son, and best friend. Its so funny. Here is the song. It happens to be on Rob and Bigs intro. My dad used to sing this to me as well.

5) I will stop here. My bride was out one afternoon and I was keeping L while she was gone. We ate lunch, and were about to take a nap. He is in the bathroom alone again and I hear “daddy dirty”. Yup there was poop on his hand. Awesome. Nothing like being a dad.

6) ok one more. when you ask L who loves him most, he responds “God loves me most”. I hope one day he really knows that.

There are 6 small reasons why I love being a dad..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the day has come

By the time this is posted I will be posted i will be 30 years old. what do I have to say about that? Age seems a bit overrated. I had a nice night tonight. My bride had our staff come over for pizza and cake. It was a nice surprise. I defiantly married up in so many ways. It is a great feeling that our staff can all hang out and like each other. I am sorry for you guys that are on staff somewhere that you barely like half the people you work with. the grass is greener on my side of the fence.
hope you have a good wednesday.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to my bride!

Here are just a few reasons I love my Bride (in no order):
1) She is an incredible mom.
2) She is the best kisser. And she was from our 1st kiss. Seriously, as soon as our 1st kiss was over I knew kissing couldn’t get better than this.
3) She makes me gut laugh. Not many folks can do that.
4) She really is one of the kindest people I have ever known.
5) She is beautiful!
6) I love the look on her face when she does something that she thinks is funny.
7) She likes movies and TV like I do.
8) She is my biggest fan. I am not sure why but some how I convinced her love me.
9) She thinks I am funny. I mean I am but she really laughs at me.
10) When something funny/sad/bad/good happens she is the 1st person I want to tell.
11) She throws a football better than most guys. AND THAT’S LEGIT. I would put my bride up against almost any guy reading this post.
12) She loves college football.
13) If we had tons of money she would want to give a ton of it away.
14) She loves Jesus.
15) Everything is better with her.

Finally, life just wouldn’t be the same with out her. I love my bride. And today I celebrate her being brought into this world. Happy birthday to my beautiful bride!