Monday, July 07, 2008

this guy is alive

So, the other night when we were at bishop park, there was a guy handing out "christian tracks." I overheard him say "do you believe in judgment? do you believe in judgment day?" I walked off after hearing that because I really wanted to ask him "do you really think this will convert these nice Hispanic men who barely speak english(i could be wrong but his yes didn't sound like a guy that spoke great english)?" Here is a picture i snuck in so you can beware of this man.


Anonymous said...

interesting what his shirt says on the back in light of your synopsis!

Aaron said...

i actually put that on his shirt. it was blank on the back.

jimpharr. said...

so it's not the white guy? and i can't stand people like that.

i'm not really hip on the people in this world right now... pessimism.

oh well,