Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Favorite things

1) d’addario strings EXP, I have left my long relationship with Elixr strings. Elixr strings may hold their sound longer but it doesn’t matter when they BREAK.
2) Breedlove guitars. Shocker.
3) Chocolate Milk. I have always loved this stuff and probably always will. this is my favorite kind: click here
4) Playing golf with my little man.

getting ready to hit

just hit the ball

5) The movie Toy Story. It’s a good one
6) The movie Cars. I think it was even better than Toy Story.
7) Playing golf in general. I have the bug to play but not the budget.

8) Enjoying UGA baseball. Hope they win.
9) Beachwood Chic-Fil-A.
10) $6.40 pizza. Tuesday Papa Johns has a great sale!
11) Excited about fantasy football

That’s enough for now.


Springer & Laura Susan said...

Papa Johns has gone up on their Tuesday pizza deal!

And Go Dawgs!

Aaron said...

yeah they went up a couple of months ago.
and what a let down when UGA lost.

jimpharr. said...

man, i'm surprised you just found d'addario exp's... you should definitely pick the ones that are coated with color... (please detect the sarcasm). as for you milk choice... i agree. things are good?