Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Favorite things

1) d’addario strings EXP, I have left my long relationship with Elixr strings. Elixr strings may hold their sound longer but it doesn’t matter when they BREAK.
2) Breedlove guitars. Shocker.
3) Chocolate Milk. I have always loved this stuff and probably always will. this is my favorite kind: click here
4) Playing golf with my little man.

getting ready to hit

just hit the ball

5) The movie Toy Story. It’s a good one
6) The movie Cars. I think it was even better than Toy Story.
7) Playing golf in general. I have the bug to play but not the budget.

8) Enjoying UGA baseball. Hope they win.
9) Beachwood Chic-Fil-A.
10) $6.40 pizza. Tuesday Papa Johns has a great sale!
11) Excited about fantasy football

That’s enough for now.

Friday, June 13, 2008

life is hard

my boy is 2 and i am not sure if he is just acting 2 or if the steroids are still in him. its been a hard week.
and life is hard on my feet as well. my feet have just recouped from this:

this is from my few days at Pinehurst. I tossed my shoes and got new ones.
that picture was for the girl we will call molly.

Friday, June 06, 2008


The night is one of those things that plays tricks on you. But before we get to night a bit of back story. I am the father to a boy. (if you regularly read my blog you know that.) He is one of the cutest most awesome boy in the world. Most little boys have tons of crap (toys not literal crap) and we tend to find his stuff all over the place. He also tends to put random stuff no where near where it should go. So I walked out the front door to take out Rosie and there in the grass was one of my little mans basketballs.

I took the ball and did what most guys would do, I took the ball and shot pretend shots into the air. One other fun fact about me is that I live in the country. I live in a neighborhood but still have 2 acres of land. I see more stars in the average night than I would in an entire year in Marietta. (I have more lights here but they have SO many more restaurants). Anyway, I shot the ball into the air, and got kind of dizzy. That may sound strange but everytime that ball went high up in the ball it seemed to stand still and the sky seemed to move/spin. I held the ball and looked at the sky. It made me think “there is something that I just love about night” here are my reasons.
1) I like dark. I tend to turn all the lights off in the house. Right now there is just a TV and 1 light on in the room. I just prefer dark.
2) its cooler. The day is SO FREAKING HOTTTT right now. And its killing me.
3) I like to walk at night, we don’t really get to do that since L usually is asleep by the time we could walk.
4) I am a night owl. I just like the night.

So why share this…I am not sure. I just think I saw the sky kind of spin and I was a bit overwhelmed at how huge the universe is. Pretty nuts. There ya go for tonight.