Monday, May 05, 2008

Rant o the day

1) My boy is a BA. He and his friend were pushing lawn mowers around the yard this afternoon and he cut his toe some how. Not sure how I just know it was bleeding. He then proceeded to play for about another 30 min before we noticed it and got a chance to clean it up.
2) Happy cinco de mayo. Jorge probably loves this holiday. We celebrated with sub par homemade strawberry daiquiri. It was a good try. I used fresh hand picked strawberries that we picked the other day, they were just sub par.
3) I am soon to go play a few of the golf courses at Pinehurst and I am excited.
4) Its Crazy that Matt’s boy is already born it seems like so long ago that Linz got pregnant.
5) I like playing basketball, I am just a bit old. Not to old just older than I used to be and that makes me play slower.
6) Last week was a pretty fast and hectic week. Sunday seemed like the longest day every. I think I left at 1. And we didn’t even take down the mains. Crazy.
7) I really miss the Drivers, Prusa’s and Bluster. I wish you guys and gals still lived here.
8) Sleep. I have been sleeping great lately.
9) I am currently listening to a band called ‘Foals’ courtesy of BTM, I like them. Not as much as the other stuff he has introduced me to but I like this.
10) I have enjoyed the latest episodes of ‘the office’
11) I love the NBA playoffs. I know its strange but they are good for real.
12) Does any one know or care that the NHL playoffs are going on right now? Because I don’t I hate hockey, much more than soccer.
13) I haven’t watched 1 baseball game from start to finish yet.
14) I think that gas sucks. I desperately want a Prius.
15) Still no takers on my car. I guess I am stuck with buddy.
16) I really think that High School is so overrated. Primarily because if I saty down with any of the folks I went to school with (excluding 2 folks, Joel and Chris) no one knows anything about. Well if they do know it because random folks have passed along how incredibly not lame my life is.
17) I am curious what we are doing as the church. And I don’t mean Christ community church I mean the church universal. I think we are feeding the beast or doing small things to make us look good. I think its going to bite us in the butt is 10 years. We care more about people coming to us with stuff figured out that we ignore what we are called here to do.
18) I have the best dog. For real, she is great.
19) I love it when L looks across he room and laughs out loud at me.
20) we have re done our lighting with the church i like it.
21) i am going to bed early. night.
head up

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Brian T. Murphy said...

keep listening to foals. first few listens, skip the first three tracks and start at track 4, then play the record through. it should blow your mind, because it is awesome. just might take a while to sink in.

like I said, it's progressive.