Friday, May 30, 2008

here it is.

Well I promised a blog and waited basically 2 weeks to write it. So, hold on sit down this could be a long one.

To start I will talk about a fun trip we took to Marietta last week. 9 guys that I have known since they were in the 5th grade were graduating high school and we went down to a party they all through together. It was great to get to see everyone. Usually we just see one family when we visit, because if we see more we tend to not have any real conversations with folks. BUT since this was a drop in party we saw a bunch of folks and had some good conversations. ONE STANDS out. I will change her name to protect the innocent. Lets call her…Molly. I mean who knows a Molly? We laughed a lot getting to see ‘molly’ and her husband. About 2 years ago C and I went to see ‘molly’ get married. A couple weeks after the wedding I called her. 1.5 years later I got a call back that starts like this “hey Aaron I know its been over a years since I have called don’t hate me”. Very funny. The only shock of the night with ‘molly’ was that she didn’t have on her favorite shirt from the Varsity. I will move on from the blog stalker I am calling ‘molly’.

We also had some great time with one of my favorite people in the world Carrie. She is literally the kindest person I know. We had Lunch with Collins who was/is defiantly one of my best friends in Marietta. She is a sweet friend.

The week following we went for an incredible trip to Pinehurst NC. On the way up there we stopped for some good pizza in Greenville, SC with my mom. And visited my favorite store in Greenville. It is called ‘mast general store’ I love that place. I can’t really explain it, just trust me its cool. Then we finished the trek to Pinehurst and prepared for some SICK golf. Pinehurst has 8 courses total. The 1st day we played #8 and #5. I loved them both. I played golf over thanksgiving and SUCKED it up. so my goal was to shoot under 120. On #8 I shot a 109 and then on #5 I shot a 94. I was very pleased with the 94. It was probably the best I have ever hit the ball in my life. The next day we played #2. #2 is a very historic course. I may never play a course that is a bigger deal than #2 again in my life. I shot a 113 that day which I was pleased with considering that the greens were by far the hardest I have ever hit on. The ladies got a massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure while we played golf. I really hope I can go back there some day. It was a blast.

So here are a couple of picts of the weekend and of the courses.
driving range

Tee box on #2 hole 1

one of my many sand shots

tee shot from hole 18 on #2

me and my boy looking from the green of 18 on #2

me and my bride before a nice dinner

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