Tuesday, April 15, 2008

somtimes you just have to stop

So I was sitting my office the other day working and I had Bruce Springsteen, The Ghost Of Tom Joad album (thanks BTM) playing. I have this thing that I often just have music on and don’t really listen. Well something happened that day in my office. Nothing magical just something. I heard him playing and felt it. See I wrote before about music moving us. Check it out here. I have never been much of a Springsteen fan but this album sounds nothing like what I have always thought he sounds like. This is a raw mostly guitar album that feels mysterious and comfortable. I asked BTM for front porch music and that’s what it is. Its music that fits a sun set in our country little town of Watkinsville. So I was listening probably for the 1st time in a while I think I was feeling music. I love that. I turned off Bruce, picked up my guitar and made music. It was not what I expected, but it was interesting. All I will say is that the song took on the title ‘liar’ about a girl I once knew. Here is a taste of the lyric:
I am nothing like
Hope I’ll never be
I see you as a liar
How do you see me

I may actually clean the song up and put it on my myspace one of these days.

But here is what I am trying to say: sometimes we just have to stop and listen. Sometimes to feel the emotion of the moment we have to be in the moment. I am a guy that lives for the next moment instead of living and loving where I am.
So what is my new goal you ask…live in the moment and feel music. How could I not live in the moment or feel music when this boy does both better than anyone else I have ever known.


Susan said...

yay! i am going to get this album just because of this post. i'm on a new music kick, so i'm counting on you (aka BTM). and you should check out bon iver for good porch music. you can get a sample at www.luciajane.typepad.com

Brian T. Murphy said...

dude I'm so glad you dig springsteen's GOTJ. that is THE record that made me a springsteen fan. and susan is right about bon iver. that record is fantastic. kind of similar to the sun kil moon record I gave you, but not as good because of course mark kozelek is a genius.

interesting about music moving you. for me, it's very much a constant thing. I get completely distracted, completely swept away, at multiple moments, every single day, by music. I kind of assumed everybody was like that.

and very cool that you wrote a new song.

Aaron said...

SUS: what did you think about the album? i have been listening to bon iver as well. good stuff.
BTM: one of my general flaws in life is that i easily get distracted. this plays out in many different ways. i am probably going to rerecord the song and put it up this week.