Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The rant is back!

1) I am bummed that one iof my drummer is getting married (currently a freshman in college) and the other works late nights at Trapeze. That makes having a consistent drummer hard.
2) My boy turns 2 in a few weeks. That’s really nuts.
3) I still want an electric guitar. So I throw it out there in case someone has one that you would be willing to give to a worship leader in Watkinsville. i am not to picky.
4) My yard is huge. I road my tractor for 50 min today and only got through about 1/3 of it.
5) I might be addicted to the internet. I am having to make my self stop some
6) I really feel like I am getting older. I find myself remembering when life was easier and things were much cheaper. Yup I am about to turn 30.
7) Here are a couple of goals for the coming year. Change how a strum more bluegrass hold of the pick and less attack, play 1 song on the piano in public.
8) I might pay off student loans this year…have to sell my car for this to happen. C has been great sticking to the budget to give this even a chance of happening.
9) I played the snare and a cymbal this Sunday in church and it wasn’t embarrassing.
10) L has started to dribble a ball. I know he isn’t even 2 is that possible? He can get 2 or 3 bounces. We will start making sure he can use both hands to dribble soon.
11) I still think Ophra is leading the #1 cult in America
12) Just read Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll and liked it a lot.
13) My favorite season is winter, because I like to wear jackets Auzell and I are in agreement here.
14) Tomorrow I might be making my 1st patch bay
15) I miss C and me talking to SUS on ichat.
16) I need to be able to sleep better. My mind runs like crazy and its hard to catch.
17) Rosie is not obeying as well as she used to. Rosie is our dog incase you didn’t know.
18) I know the names of WAY to many Thomas Trains.
19) BTM is introducing me to some new music. 1st on the list Sun Kil Moon. Check them out.
Ok I am off to bed. Night.


Brian T. Murphy said...

sun kil moon = glory

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

Aaron, you are cracking me up. amen on the getting older... oh well... all we can do is pray for it to come gracefully.

Susan said...

if you like sun kil moon, you must get sam amidon's new album "all is well." it is amazing. "saro" is my favorite.

Aaron said...

btm:thanks for the introduction
Lindy: glad to see you on here, and right now there is nothing graceful about age.
SUS: i will check them out tonight.