Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2 years

So, 2 years ago my boy was born. That is really incredible. It feels like yesterday that we drove away from the hospital and curious why someone would allow us to leave a hospital with a baby. It has defiantly gotten more normal to be a dad, but sometimes i still look and L and ask "are you really mine?" I usually just looks at me and smiles and says something about balls or trains.

so i wanted to say that on April 24th 2006 God answered a prayer of mine. I became a dad to a boy. Today will not be much different from yesterday but like everyday will tell my boy how proud i am to be his dad, tell him how much i love him and I will give him a big hug and kiss.

even though you obviously can't read this "happy birthday buddy".

if you are out in blog world and want to buy my boy something, here is what to get him....a Fender Tele. His dad will use it to lead worship for a bit then pass it down. there ya go.


Laura Susan said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday to L! We love y'all!

Susan said...

if i had any money, i'd buy leevs a tele. sadly, i don't. sorry, aaron. :) love the picture, and love you guys! miss talking to you!

Aaron said...

LSD-we look forward to getting to see yo guys in the fall!
SUS: thanks! miss talking to you as well. our day will come that we will have a tele in the fam.