Friday, March 14, 2008

My list of favorite foods and who makes them

in order of how they came to my mind:

Banana Pudding-grandma Pats
Chicken and Dressing- Mom
Pizza- MPC
Hamburger- Five Guys
French Fries- McDonald’s-I mean, it can’t get better than their fries, J Alexander’s are 2nd
Lasagna- my bride
Turkey- Wade
BBQ- Mark S. elder at our church, my dads used to be really good..long time since he made me some.
Steak- Chops-legit!!!
Corn on the cob- Me
Cream Corn- Carole
Milkshake- wow this one is hard- Steak and Shake or Johnny Rockets
Fast food restaurant- Taco Bell-some may find this sick, but I can’t help but love it
Chips and Salsa- On The Border
Coke- Sonic
Cheese Cake- Cristina, my Romanian Girl Friend-ok not really my girl friend.
Corn bread-Grandma Jimmie
Cinnamon Rolls- lady from the camp I used to go to, she made them FRESH
Boiled Peanuts-does anyone make these things poorly
Cookies-Chocolate Chip someone from Church the other week, no clue who made them
Cookies- I had to do 2, cinnamon toast from a place in downtown Athens
Cheese Biscuits-
Chinese- PF CHANGS

Stopping now.


Springer & Laura Susan said...

Ok... I have a few thoughts...

I could not agree more about the On the Border chips and salsa. Unfortunately since Athens, I have not lived any where near OTB and I am quite sad about that.

Mark S.'s BBQ may be good... but you NEED to have some of Springer's. It knocks the pants off any BBQ on the planet.

Boiled peanuts. I remember driving from Auburn to Macon once in college, and really craving boiled peanuts. Stopped at an old gas station... VERY disappointing. So watch out for peanuts in east AL/west GA.

Aaron said...

LSD-well maybe when you guys show up to tailgate and bring bbq, maybe you can share some and prove yourself.
oh and i guess your LSC now