Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good weekend

Well this weekend has really been a pretty busy weekend. At church we hosted a concert of red mountain music. Some of you reading this may not know of them or their music (not sure who might be reading this that wouldn't know of them, because I think the only folks that read this thing are folks that I have at least shared their music with). If you do not know who they are here is a brief summary. These folks take obscure text (mostly hymns) and put updated and good music to them. Their music often deals with doubt, fears and pain. These are all subjects that most contemporary songs/choruses do not deal with. For the past few years I have really enjoyed red mountains music and jumped at the chance to have them come in and play at our church.

1st I want to say the girl that sings for them is probably my favorite female vocalist ever. Yeah that’s a big statement but seriously she is SICK. Her voice is piercing. It pierces through the instruments and stands out unlike most female vocalist. So for those of you who want to know what I am talking about listen to this. I told C that I have a crush on her voice. She is cool with that because she has a crush on Shane E’s voice.

The band was great and easy to work with. Except for BTM he was so anal about his monitor. Very much the diva….just kidding. The entire band was great to mix and hang out with. At dinner last night Clint said something that I think most Christian ‘artist’ miss when it come to gifts that God has given them. He said and I paraphrase “I feel like I was created to play music. And I express my worship through music.” I feel like Christians often recognize the gifts they have but do not use their gifts to edify the body of believers. So thanks guys and Ashley for sharing your God given gifts to edify. I really enjoyed you guys and your music. Oh and if you read this, thanks for letting me sing with you guys, I enjoyed it.

One other great thing from this weekend was that we worked out some more kinks in our system. We will be building a patch bay this week hopefully and then we will officially have a really clean set up. I enjoyed running sound. It was nice to be on that side to really get a feel for what our system sounds like now with all of the new stuff we have gotten. Mark was a HUGE help and has done a great job building a rack and putting up with as we work through this.

I literally saw my lady for 20 min total yesterday she had a shower to throw, then I had to set up for concert, then we had community lunch today, got home at 2, she and L are napping now and we have community group at 6 tonight. Very busy weekend.

If you don’t own red mountain cd’s you should. We play a ton of their stuff.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

my incredible family

me and my boy

this weekend has absolutely drained me! I feel like i have been hit by a truck. we had friends stay with us on friday, easter egg hunt in Athens and in our yard and finally an Easter service to be ready for. I am off to bed right after i post this. I hope Jesus has shown himself to your hope today.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I grew up loving ThirdDay. I got to meet a eat with the lead singer Mac, a few years back. He is one of the sincere guys i have ever met. Well, my good buddy Phillip wrote a good article about the band for a local paper here in town call the Flag Pole. check it out here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i am so glad

"I am so glad i gotta God who knows what it is to be a poor black man..."
"Jesus taught me how to love the hell outa my enemies.
is this church or a political rally? wow.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My list of favorite foods and who makes them

in order of how they came to my mind:

Banana Pudding-grandma Pats
Chicken and Dressing- Mom
Pizza- MPC
Hamburger- Five Guys
French Fries- McDonald’s-I mean, it can’t get better than their fries, J Alexander’s are 2nd
Lasagna- my bride
Turkey- Wade
BBQ- Mark S. elder at our church, my dads used to be really good..long time since he made me some.
Steak- Chops-legit!!!
Corn on the cob- Me
Cream Corn- Carole
Milkshake- wow this one is hard- Steak and Shake or Johnny Rockets
Fast food restaurant- Taco Bell-some may find this sick, but I can’t help but love it
Chips and Salsa- On The Border
Coke- Sonic
Cheese Cake- Cristina, my Romanian Girl Friend-ok not really my girl friend.
Corn bread-Grandma Jimmie
Cinnamon Rolls- lady from the camp I used to go to, she made them FRESH
Boiled Peanuts-does anyone make these things poorly
Cookies-Chocolate Chip someone from Church the other week, no clue who made them
Cookies- I had to do 2, cinnamon toast from a place in downtown Athens
Cheese Biscuits-
Chinese- PF CHANGS

Stopping now.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i wish i could have seen this!

Over 200 Improv Everywhere Agents froze in place at the exact same second for five minutes in the Main Concourse of Grand Central Station. Over 500,000 people rush through Grand Central every day, but today, things slowed down just a bit as commuters and tourists alike stopped to notice what was happening around them. Enjoy the video.