Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So I figured I would share a few things that probably most of you don’t know about me.

My guilty pleasures or just random things about me:

1) I always stop to watch churches when I see one on TV
2) I also tend to stop and watch Disney movies.
3) Watching online church services is fun for me.
4) I dip my PBJ in chicken noodle soup.
5) My mom and dad call me bud. Not sure why but they do. I call my boy buddy.
6) The fear of failure is a motivator for me.
7) If I could go anywhere on vacation I would go to Fiji, not sure why tho.
8) I hate when you hold hands to pray and my hands start to sweat. I hate that.
9) I would like a Tattoo but there isn’t one I would love to have forever.
10) I am almost 30 and I still love video games.
11) I bowled a 288 on wii bowling
12) L loves watching the Wii.
13) I love music award shows. I always have. When I was little I used to record them and watch them over and over again. I still watch them…just not over and over again.
14) I have a bunch of friends that are sick right now…I guess I don’t need to make out with friends…wait, one of those friends lives in long beach and the other in Marietta.
15) Microsoft Windows is, um how do I say it kindly, lame.
16) I still miss playing baseball. Seeing a nice baseball field still gives me a strange feeling in my stomach.
17) Some of my favorite memories growing up came from my summers at Smoky Mountain Church Camp now called Bridgemont Camp.
18) Phil Vandermeer is still one of the funniest guys I know.
19) When my boy grows up I hope he gives his life away to people.
20) I love being on a team. Its just great to be on a team that everyone is rowing the same direction.
21) I love it when my bride makes me laugh. Which happens often.
22) My boy's smile.
23) YHC, suite 13 was one of the best living arrangements ever.
24) Adam and Ryan were great roommates…I wish I would have spent more time with you guys…freaking girls.
25) I wish we had the cash to go to Chops for v-day.

That’s enough for now.


Al said...

4) I dip my PBJ in chicken noodle soup.

really... why would you do that to yourself. just the thought of doing that give me shivers...

I really love Kelly Clarckson! (in case you too wanted to something random about me)

jimpharr. said...

yeah, i agree with Al... kinda gross, but i won't knock it until i try it. and fear of failure is something i deal with too. it really motivates me.

and to divulge something about myself...

i think i like clam chowder too much. i have eaten it three times in the past three days... is that weird? (with crackers and hot sauce. you could do no wrong. best meal ever!!)

Frank said...

Hmm, I'm not sure that PBJ and chicken noodle soup have been on the same table in front of me.

I enjoy coffee way more than I should. And what's worse is I don't even care.

Or maybe that's not so bad after all.

Sara said...

Working the graveyard shift enables me to do things I normally don't have much time to do, like Google Smoky Mountain Church Camp. I, too, shared many happy summers there and truly love that place. Interestingly enough, I found your blog by Google-ing "Smoky Mountain Church Camp" and it only got 3 hits! (Or maybe 5 but it was a dismally low number)...Anyway...I'm glad you love it as much as I did...and still do! So who are you?