Friday, February 22, 2008

Last weekend

The past week has been a good fast week. I am going to let some pictures tell the story.
Well to start the story, we went to see our friend Gro in her final Step Sing last weekend. There is NO way that I can put in to words what Step Sing is, so unless you went there or have heard of it all you get is the name of the event. We had a great time hanging out with Gro and her boyfriend Grant. We are very excited that God put Gro and Grant together and we are also glad that we like being around them together. Here is Gro and Grant together.

This is a picture of Grant and his secret lover.

We also got to hang out with our friend Christine and made a new friend with her man Austin. Again we found ourselves excited about the guy that God has put in one of our close friends. Austin seems to be a great fit for Christine.

Here is a shot of them and us with Christine.

We got to eat lunch at a pretty good place called ‘Jacksons’ and I had a good breakfast pizza. I enjoyed it a lot. Here is me and my bride after lunch.

It was a great weekend away. I always love it when C and I get away for a bit, just the 2 of us.

Finally I close with this. My boy is swinging left handed!!!! How awesome is that! My uncle Tim was a great baseball player and he threw right and would bat lefty. So, I am hoping L will be doing the same. Who knows? This is a picture of L swinging a short stick at a golf ball. Well actually I am not going to post the picture because one of the blog C and I read had perverts download pictures of her boys in diapers. I will get a clothed picture of him up soon.

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jimpharr. said...

that last comment about perverts irked me... i think it's because of how wholesome the rest of the blog was, and then it got really raw really quickly...