Friday, February 01, 2008

Hardest thing about being a parent

Being sick when your kid is sick. Its not easy when he is healthy and your sick but when he is sick and you are as well, HOLY CRAP its hard.

C and I have been dying these past couple of days. If you know me, you know I am pretty hot natured. Like I am that guy that hate spending the night at houses who don’t use AC to is best abilities. I mean who likes to sweat while they sleep? And that’s when I am sleeping in boxers with NO covers. Now the Adairs is the only house I have stayed in that I have been cold. Lindz keeps that place like a meat locker. I can’t imagine how cold Matt is since they are expecting baby #2. Anyway
I laid in bed Wednesday night in sleeping paints, 2-tshirts, sweat shirt, ski socks, and a toboggan. I go from extreme hot moments and cold periods. On top of that I feel like I am wearing ear plugs. My ears are clogged with crap as well. It has not been fun.

So what now? Do have anything else to talk about besides how crappy everyone in my house feels? Yup I have some new rants, so enjoy:

-Santana is not worth 150.76 over 6 years, NO ONE IS!
-I actually feel bad for Amy Winehouse.
-Blockbuster online went up on its prices and honestly its not worth it unless you watch movies every day.
-We have been reading a blog about a guy with a wife that has cystic Fibrosis. They just recently had a baby born 15+ weeks early. This blog is life changing. The latest video he has made is the 1st time he has been able to hold their baby. Its SO moving.
-I am actually watching some of the political debates. Man I feel old. Why do I think politics are for old people?
-I have grown out my 3 nails. They have never grown out on their own and now they are. I am pretty shocked. They really help my cocaine habit. Just kidding I play the guitar if you didn’t know.
-Writers strike, I am even MORE over this strike.
-Sleep, for some reason I can’t go to bed early, nor am I taking naps. And if I am sick you would think I would sleep a lot.
-Annie, I think its strange but I check your blog every day. I barley know you and I read your blog every day.
-BTM your new camera takes some great pictures.
-I love my church. We really want to be a place for the broken and bruised, mistreated and abused. Why? Because that’s who we are.

There ya go. Some thoughts.


Annie said...

Aaron, I'm glad you read my blog everyday. There's definite mutual blog appreciation. We're so blog friends. And soon real life friends- yeah Chicken Express!

Aaron said...

Looking forward to the express. Camille wont eat there because they have gizzards on the drive thru window.

Springer & Laura Susan said...

We are praying you and your family get to feeling better soon!

P.S. Tell C to get over the gizzards, and just dip the fries in the gravy... she'll never look back!

jimpharr. said...

hey man, sucks that everyone has been sick. i haven't been reading lately because i have been involved in a show, but i'm catching up. i really do enjoy reading your stuff, so keep it up!

ashley said...

i hope you guys are feeling better!

Al said...

Politics isn't for old people. Golly! I spend half my day usually talking about them. Anyways, get better! I want to see you soon!

jimpharr. said...

al just not only used, but typed the word golly...