Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The day is over

Well no one is totally well in my house still. I am the best off, C is the worst of and L is somewhere in the middle. on with the blog.
So I am playing electric again this week. How do you feel about that? I mean I am an acoustic rhythm guy. And this week I am trying to be Clint Wells. Well honestly most people who read my blog probably don’t know who Clint is. He is the main guitarist on for red Mountain Music. He is great. I haven’t actually met him though. I check in on his blog, swapped some email and will finally meet him in late march. My friends the Drivers are coming back in town to sing and play with us. We are playing “why should I fear?” this week and I am playing electric on the song. I am learning a lot about tone and how to get different sounds out of an electric. I am barrowing Ryan Kecks G&L guitar, it kind of looks like the one below.

I think I could be ok at this electric thing.
If I have $ to go buy one now I would probably buy a Telecaster and a Fender Amp. Probably like the ones below. It wouold cost me about $1500 to get what I want. I could get a bit lower end for abut $800.

So if anyone has $ or a guitar/amp/pedals you want to to give me, HALA atcha boy. Some may say beggars can't be choosers, well i am not begging so please don't give me a guitar that my almost 2 year old would know is crap.Oh and I am not going to list all the pedals I want because I seriously doubt someone is going to give me any of this.

That’s all for tonight.


madair said...

If you had any stones you'd play a Daisy Rock guitar through some kind of crapped-out amp that you can buy at Wal-Mart...

jimpharr. said...

yeah, DaisyRock's the way to go! i like the electric idea, but i'd need to hear how it sounds. Do what's right for the music.

Aaron said...

matt: your right, i don't have the stone to rock the Daisy
Jim: I only played electric on 2 songs last week. and i am playing back up on 2 songs this week. if you want to hear what i will sound like listen to the song of the week. i have gotten kind of close to what clint did on 'why should i fear?' i would never shelf the breedlove for an electric.

Aaron said...

i just realized i wrote stone, singular. I am going to leave it because its funny. but i did notice my mistake.