Monday, January 14, 2008

BYE BYE to 2007

Sorry this took so long to get up...if anyone cares.
The new days of 2008 started with a bunch of wrestling matches.

So we have officially said Adios to 2007 and Aloha to 2008. I have seen many blogs do a list of top music, top memories, or top trips of 2007. Well I have decided to do a blend of all of that. Here we go (obviously not in any type of order):

Things I am excited about in 2008:
1) the Wii I got for Christmas. Thanks in-laws. It is a lot of fun for me and C and L to play together.
2) Paying off student loans, well this one is a hope to more that a will do. I chose to go to 2 private schools and had to take out loans to go to them. So after I graduated in 2001, I started paying for my school.
3) L continuing to grow.
4) Watching God continue to move in our church.
5) Getting better at picking on the guitar
6) Recording a couple of songs I have written

Music TV shows and Movies I liked in 2007 (some not released in 2007)
1) The Office- Bears Beats Battle Star Galactica
2) Once- SICKLY good. I enjoyed this even more that I thought I would.
3) New Indelible Grace CD- musically the best IG album so far
4) Mindy Smith-her voice is beautifully haunting.
5) Bourne Ultimatum

New things I came to love in 2007
1) TransMetropolitan is my favorite Pizza in Athens
2) Caesar Salad in a bag. SO GOOD and easy.
3) The Bass. If you have a good bassist your sound can really be different.
4) Guitar Hero

The things I would love to have in 2008 all these will not happen unless someone else buys them for me:
1) A Toyota Prius. I really am DONE with bad gas mileage. But this one REALLY won’t change unless someone reading this wants to buy me a Prius
2) New Imac for work, for projection and recording.
3) Room added to our house.

Things I have grown to hate in 2007
1) Motorola Razor. I HATE my phone. I hope to have a new one this week.
2) Email forwards, I still don’t like or read them but I some how keep getting them
3) Taxes, we need some help our taxes here in Watkinsville.
4) Yankees, still hate these guys as well.
5) Hockey not new but a drum I still want to beat, is the NHL still in existence?

New things already for us in 2008:
1) we are going to sell my car and go down to one vehicle to save $ and pay off student loans.
2) budget summit of 2008. We are crunching in 2008.
3) Thought my laptop was fried.
4) Thought Camille's ring was lost.
5) According to L a sheep is the loudest animal out there it screams BAAAAH
6) Playing basketball weekly and RANDOMLY I am making 3 pointers, and if you know me i am not a three shooting guy.
7) I am now a hot tea drinker. Ryan started it and Carrie hooked me up with a tea pot and loose tea for Christmas. Side note: WE LOVE YOU CARRIE!
8) Once is my new fav. movie.
9) I am looking forward to 2008
10) I have a new phone thanks to my cousin April

So goodbye to 2007 and here are my opening words for 2008: we live in a depraved world with mean and hurtful people. It is easy to loose hope. It is easy to allow life to weaken and wear you down. I want to say 2 things to all of us who live in this world. There is hope. And love.


andy nelson said...

I am watching once today and you better not let me down.

Aaron said...

bro i wont let you down. Have i yet?
Ok so maybe i will let you down, but not this time.

jif said...

I love ALL you Slatens!

Aaron said...

jif: All the Slatens LOVE you.