Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flu Fighter

Now i have the flu. L is the lone flu fighter.
FYI the flu sucks. I don't think i have ever felt like this in my life. I hurt all over.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flu Fighters

That is what me and L are. We are Flu fighters. C has the flu and we are fighting not to get it. I have played doctor all day and Mr Mom. I will say this, i admire C's work as a mom even more. L is a lot of kid. C is incredible. I did go sing with this girl that might be attending our church. she has a great voice. she come courtesy of Meredith Bluster. Everyone knows bluster can freaking sing and i am grateful for her thinking of her church family in Watkinsville.

please pray that C gets better, and L and I don't get it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You MUST see this.

Seriously stop what your doing, go to, and find a theater that U2 in 3D is showing near you. Matt and I went to see this concert today and WOW. It is the best set list and the 3D made me feel like i was there. It was absolutely incredible. treat yourself to a rocking, passionate hour and twenty minutes. you wont regret it. did

Sunday, January 27, 2008


well, anyone who reads this might know that my boy doesn't speak English. He speaks a mixture of Italian, Romanian and French. Well tonight was a big night in our house, not our house but the Hunt's house. My boy L said "I want pizza please". ok not really. But tonight as we were hanging out with our community group at dinner. C asked L what was on the wrapper of yo-baby. he didn't respond. She then said "its a baby, can you say baby". he looked at her and said "baby". it was cool.
then Adam who has asked since L was 6 months for him to say "adam" asked him to repeat his name. he never has. Well Adam is dating a girl named Amy. As Adam was asking L to say "Adam", C asked L to say "Amy"and HE DID. that ended the fun night of repeating words but 2 words not to shabby.

this is not a picture of the actual saying of the new words. this is us sharing a turkey sandwich. 1st and only one he has eaten.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Random list of my opinion:

Worst Character of all time in a movie:
Jar Jar Binks
This was the absolutely the most horrendous character ever in a movie. I hated this character and made me dislike Star Wars I. This is the only thing on this list that is not up for discussion.

Best character in a movie:
William Wallace.
I mean this guy literally is what every guy wants to be. He is passionately in love with his lady and can/will kill any man that messes with him or anyone who he loves.

BA of the all time:
Maximus Decimus Meridius
I love this guy! He is the man of men.

Funniest show on TV
The Office- b4 the writers strike

Stupidest song:
My Humps by Black eyed peas- it doesn’t deserve a link

Best song (I have heard lately):
Falling Slowly-her voice with his passion makes this song.

Best restaurants in Athens;
I hate to say this but Chic-Fil-A. The beachwood restaurant is superior to every other Chic-Fil-A in the southeast.

Worste advice given to me before I got married:
“Prepare to be a yes mam husband.” That doesn’t happen and nor should it. ALL MEN READ THIS.

Least favorite sports team:

I do find myself becoming more of a UGA fan the longer I live here/.

lyric that punched me in the face:
You bid me rise and shine
Please bid me rise and shine
-ryan kennedy

most annoying things:
Someone pulling my shirt collar, or slapping the bill of my cap down.

Best thing of my day:
Seeing my bride and son. Maybe some of you think this is cheesy but I really love both of them.

I am WAY over:
Boy humor in movies. I feel like it’s the easy gross joke, so folks use it. Its like a 5 year old that loves farting but its not really that funny. I am over stupid jokes about sex.

Game I love:
Bowling on the Wii.

Something new:
I will more than likely be leading worship next week with an electric. Probably for 3 or 4 songs. Thanks to Ryan Keck letting me barrow his guitar.

So yeah I am not sure where this list cam from but here it is.

Monday, January 21, 2008

So now I decide what to do with this blog?

I am at a road crossing. The problem is that I have no idea what to do with my blog. I basically feel like I need to decide if this blog will continue to exist.

So here are my thoughts of why and why not have a blog:

Why not:
It takes time
Not that many folks read it
I really don’t think I am that engaging, which is probably the reason for #2

Good way to keep my thoughts down somewhere
Makes me think I am important enough to have a blog

So there ya go. I am going to keep writing on this blog. Why you ask…not really because you don’t care. But the reason why is because I am actually going to post. 3 times per week. For 4 weeks. That is my goal. So here we go. Brace yourself.

Monday, January 14, 2008

BYE BYE to 2007

Sorry this took so long to get up...if anyone cares.
The new days of 2008 started with a bunch of wrestling matches.

So we have officially said Adios to 2007 and Aloha to 2008. I have seen many blogs do a list of top music, top memories, or top trips of 2007. Well I have decided to do a blend of all of that. Here we go (obviously not in any type of order):

Things I am excited about in 2008:
1) the Wii I got for Christmas. Thanks in-laws. It is a lot of fun for me and C and L to play together.
2) Paying off student loans, well this one is a hope to more that a will do. I chose to go to 2 private schools and had to take out loans to go to them. So after I graduated in 2001, I started paying for my school.
3) L continuing to grow.
4) Watching God continue to move in our church.
5) Getting better at picking on the guitar
6) Recording a couple of songs I have written

Music TV shows and Movies I liked in 2007 (some not released in 2007)
1) The Office- Bears Beats Battle Star Galactica
2) Once- SICKLY good. I enjoyed this even more that I thought I would.
3) New Indelible Grace CD- musically the best IG album so far
4) Mindy Smith-her voice is beautifully haunting.
5) Bourne Ultimatum

New things I came to love in 2007
1) TransMetropolitan is my favorite Pizza in Athens
2) Caesar Salad in a bag. SO GOOD and easy.
3) The Bass. If you have a good bassist your sound can really be different.
4) Guitar Hero

The things I would love to have in 2008 all these will not happen unless someone else buys them for me:
1) A Toyota Prius. I really am DONE with bad gas mileage. But this one REALLY won’t change unless someone reading this wants to buy me a Prius
2) New Imac for work, for projection and recording.
3) Room added to our house.

Things I have grown to hate in 2007
1) Motorola Razor. I HATE my phone. I hope to have a new one this week.
2) Email forwards, I still don’t like or read them but I some how keep getting them
3) Taxes, we need some help our taxes here in Watkinsville.
4) Yankees, still hate these guys as well.
5) Hockey not new but a drum I still want to beat, is the NHL still in existence?

New things already for us in 2008:
1) we are going to sell my car and go down to one vehicle to save $ and pay off student loans.
2) budget summit of 2008. We are crunching in 2008.
3) Thought my laptop was fried.
4) Thought Camille's ring was lost.
5) According to L a sheep is the loudest animal out there it screams BAAAAH
6) Playing basketball weekly and RANDOMLY I am making 3 pointers, and if you know me i am not a three shooting guy.
7) I am now a hot tea drinker. Ryan started it and Carrie hooked me up with a tea pot and loose tea for Christmas. Side note: WE LOVE YOU CARRIE!
8) Once is my new fav. movie.
9) I am looking forward to 2008
10) I have a new phone thanks to my cousin April

So goodbye to 2007 and here are my opening words for 2008: we live in a depraved world with mean and hurtful people. It is easy to loose hope. It is easy to allow life to weaken and wear you down. I want to say 2 things to all of us who live in this world. There is hope. And love.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

long post coming

well i started a LONG post about 07 and now 08 but my screen messed up on my lap top and i had to take it to be repaired. so i will not be posting until late next week. BUT when i do it will be worth reading and it will be followed by many more post.
this is me and my boy Christmas morning.