Monday, December 17, 2007

I get this

I have been places, seem faces, hugged necks, cried with, helped out, and clothed people who have changed me. I saw this video and i remembered. There was a boy in an orphanage in Romania, Yorge, that the 1st day in the orphanage he stood in front of me holding a small toy and looked up at me. I didn't know at that point that I would have a son nor did I know that those eyes gazing at me would live with me for the rest of my life. L looks at me just like that sometimes. Seeing Yorge/Romania changed me, his need changed how I live and what I hope for and dream for.
Maybe this doesn't make sense but i saw this video and now i and crying about the fact that L is having a great Christmas and loves life and Yorge is somewhere in Romania, in a foster house, and probably still hasn't developed much more because of the lack of interaction that he has not received his entire life. take a second to watch this video of singer song writer Sarah Groves. Everyone i know that has met her LOVES her.
I hope something in your life moves you enough that you are changed.


Camille said...

After watching that video I have tears on my face as I think about our "first"son Let us never forget.
i love you.

Emily said...

hey...I'm Andy Nelson's older sister, and I love your blog. Your love for your son and your wife and your heart for the lost is so encouraging. My new favorite online pastime is freerice!
Just thought you might want to know that the song is actually a Sara Groves is an amazing song!

Aaron said...

Emily, thanks for stopping by. Didn't i play for you at Andy's wedding?
Glad you are enjoying freerice. My new past time is trying to figure out how to get rid of my stupid consumption nature. I am not real successful yet but i think God is changing things in me slowly.
I made the change to the song., thanks. i totally meant Sarah Groves and totally miss typed.

B. Bella Boutique: said...

Ahhh...I knew you looked familiar, and I've been trying to figure out how I knew you!! You did play at Andy's wedding...just the connection I was looking for! Hope you guys have a great Christmas. We've been talking a bit about consumerism in our household too; it's just too easy to get caught up this time of year! God bless!

xp3rim3ntal said...

Hi Aaron, I read your blog and it's great. I also read about the Romanian boy. I am Romanian and I work for World Vision, please tell me if and in what way are you involved with World Vision. Thanks!