Thursday, December 06, 2007

Free Rice and more things for this season.

Ok so I am blogging about things that we all can do different for Christmas.

1) buy toms shoes. why? when you buy a pair of shoes they give a pair of shoes away.
2) for every vocabulary word you get right they give 20 grains of rice through the United Nations. The rice is donated through the United Nations World Food Program. So far since October they have donated 6 billion grains of rice.
3) Heifer Project. Check out this site. you can buy animals for families to help build them income and possibly change their world.
4) World Vision and Compassion International. Two organizations to sponsor kids in third world countries and provide food, education and some type sunday school.
5) Living Water. give $ to build water wells for people with out clean water.

i am asking us all to do some different things with our Christmas.


ashley said...

i love the free rice game! i got up to over 4000 grains of rice. and level 41 vocab! i think i'm hooked.

i'm a dork.

brad said...

Did you have any luck on scoring a snare drum for your boy?

I helped lead worship at an event and met the Tom's shoes guy a few months ago. He is super nice and has a great thing going. He was also a contestant on one of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race.

Aaron said...

no snare, he is getting a full kids kit for Christmas.
it should be pretty good to start on.

very cool about you helping out the toms folks. nice to hear that folks are really cool folks, even away from the stage.