Friday, November 09, 2007

very long

So it has been a while since I have posted an actual post about life. We went on vacation a few weeks ago. It was great I did mention that in an earlier post. Last week was a very busy week. Because I had to have everything completely done for Sunday on Thursday. So I busted my butt to get it all done. This past weekend I led worship for FPC’s d-now for their high school students. For those of you that don’t know, I used to be on staff at FPC.

The strange thing is that D-NOW was my last retreat that I did before moving to Watkinsville. So just being honest I was a bit nervous to see everyone again. Ya know how the memory can often be better than reality. So naturally I didn’t want folks to go “man he sucks now…what happened.”

Well, I thought it was a great weekend. It was great to be around my folks from Marietta and only a couple of times did I feel like I had been gone for a while. I really miss a bunch of them. The band I played was pretty sick. Jason Laiche is like an octopus on the drums, Lester is like my soul mate on guitar, Justmann is the sick bassist and Meredith is the best female vocalist I have every had the pleasure to sing with. I loved leading with them!!! I wish we could have recorded it. One of my fav songs was “jesus is our great salvation” by Red mountain music and we went to the chorus of “we love you jesus” Shane and Shane. I also loved singing Glorious.

Kevin, Dan and I got home about 1:45 am Sunday morning and then were at church at 8. We had a great Sunday. I love my church. Why you ask, let me share. I love the fact that my pastor cares more about the Gospel than he does about himself, money, members, people’s feelings and the list could go on. I love the fact that our leadership is all on the same page. Our college students are plugging in. I love our music and it just keeps getting better. I just feel at home in our church. Watkinsville/Athens continues to grow on us and is binging to feel more like home.

I guess I will share what I feel like God is teaching me lately. I look at the world we live in and ask: why can we all not see the we are not the most important things in the world? I was in downtown Atlanta with a group of friends and handed out bread in the ghetto. Now I thought I had been to the ghetto but I hadn’t. Some of you are reading this thinking I am just a suburban guy that doesn’t know how the rest of the world lives. Well, I have shared cokes with a family in their card board box home (who I was later a part of a group that built them a house), I have cleaned out a rat infested trailer for a family that were evicted and I have hugged and kissed on really filthy orphans and gypsy’s. I know there is poverty in the world and I am not living in a bubble. BUT I just forget. I forget that there are millions of people that don’t turn their lights on to save electricity because they can’t afford it. People that live on streets that drug dealers haunt every corner. I forget how lucky my family is. We have food, a computer to type this on, I mean the freaking list is endless.

I am someone that believes that Jesus is in complete control. That’s hard to believe and hold on to some days. But I find it scarier to think I am in control of anything here on earth. Because I think if you are honest, like am trying to be now, we would all say “If I were in control, life would be perfect. For me.” I am trying to give my life away to the people I am around. It’s hard. It’s hard to feel like we don’t stop some weeks. But we are trying to be open to what God is doing in our lives. So yeah, that’s a long post. If you read it thanks and I hope it made some sense. If you didn’t read it and just came for picts here are a few of them.

me and matt and our boys.

He's a golfer

and a musician.

If anyone reading this has an extra snare drum you would like to give to my boy i would GLADY take it. thanks.


Susan said...

i'm giving stuff away hand over fist these days, but sadly, i don't have a snare drum. and that was a good post. someday, i'll be happy if i get to visit w'ville and listen to you lead worship and matta preach. and that was encouraging to be reminded that we're not the center of the universe. it's so easy to forget.

Brian T. Murphy said...

very cool that you are able to use that song. that's actually one that we never do. we should probably start doing it.

Aaron said...

SUS: one day we will see you here on a Sunday. and i really want to come see you in LB if you decide to stay out there.
BTM: those high school students loved that song. the words are GREAT. it is the 2nd most sung song at our church. that church also does "Christ or else i die". the version i sent you. I actually played that during communion this past Sunday.