Saturday, November 24, 2007

I loved college

Seriously. I loved College. Today we were at YHC for a bit to take some pictures with me and L. I walked around thinking “man I love this place”. There is something about it. The air is fresh, the sky is blue and the sound of cars does not pollute the air. So many folks go to college and go crazy. I wasn’t on of those. I have 1 glass of wine before I was in college before I was 21. I never did any drugs that folks did up there. I just had GREAT friends and we all loved each other and stayed way to busy playing sports and doing random crap. I would love to have the chance to relive my college years, specifically the two I spent at YHC. I would only wish to change about 3 things in my time there:
1) girl #1 2) time 3) girl #2

In my time there I learned how to be independent. I figured out how to make some wise and not so wise choices. YHC was a place where I found me. Some of you reading this probably think I am just your typical Christian guy that thinks he is better than people because he didn’t do the “big/outward” sins. I am not saying that.

See I did grow up the typical Christian kid. My mom kept me involved in church and sports. I loved Christian music. Not because I was sheltered from other music, I just liked it. I was that 11th grade guy that met with his girl friend to pray and read the bible before school. We listened to Ray Boltz on our 1st date. Every roommate I have ever had is a believer. I have never dated a non-Christian….even though one I would question (yes I am being judgmental, but if you knew the story, whoa). I always loved things dealing with Jesus. My 2 years showed me so many things about me, here are 3.

3 main things YHC showed me
1) I love being around people and I am pretty extroverted.
2) Jesus has gifted me in some specific areas.
3) Alter Ego-sorry I can’t elaborate on this one.

So today as L and I walked around (C was there as well) I thought about how much Christ has changed me since the days I walked on that campus. I still love Jesus, actually probably more. I get the fact that I do not deserve anything in this world and for some strange reason he has called me out of darkness into light. The hard thing is the walk into the light. I am still in so many ways the typical “Christian guy” (and I am ok with that) I am now the typical Christian guy that gets that I, like you, am a process.

I am not sure if this made sense but it is what is on my mind tonight.
Here are some picts of me and my boy from YHC.

walking to the fountain, Rosie Cotton got to go with us.

the fixed up the walkway through the middle of campus.

the Spat fountain. The Pineapple for the Late Papa Rich. what a great man!


jimpharr. said...

i'm glad you got to go back to your old stomping grounds! and i'm glad Levi got to come. i can't wait to come back here and relive this experience. i miss you , man!

Aaron said...

miss you as well bro. get your butt up here over christmas.

andy nelson said...

college=awesome. that is because in college i got a lot more slaten face time

Aaron said...

yeah its time for some A-Nelson face time!