Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So the last time I posted life really sucked. Well I am not saying its any better, I am feeling some hope. But people still suck.

I went to Marietta to plan for d-now in a few weeks. It was a good time of hanging out with old friends and got to eat some MPC. Then I spent time sitting, listening, crying, praying and sitting and listening. I mean I had conversations with 3 different families struggling with totally different things and honestly I was/am broken. My buddy showed me a video of John Piper talking about the Gospel. He says “through the deepest possible pain, he is good, he will take care of us; he will satisfy us; he will get us through this. He is our treasure. Whom have I in heaven but you? And on earth there is nothing that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart and my little girl fail but you are my strength and my portion forever. THAT makes God Glorious”

So I say that knowing 1st hand life is hard. I am not saying it is easy to say any of what Piper said above. I am saying that only Jesus can allow any of us to say any of this. So my prayer for all of my friends hurting is:find Jesus as your portion. I am not sure how that happens or what that looks like in your situations but I pray Jesus can make that happen.

I also had a trip to the big MO. That’s Missouri for those of you who don’t know. My buddy Robby is the offensive Coordinator at Southwest Baptist University. They lost again but Robby’s offense put up 702 total yards of Offense. For those of you who don’t know football that’s a lot of yards. here are some stats to compare his stats to the SEC. the top passing QB in the SEC has 1,536 yards passing and Robby’s QB has 1,909 yards. His leading receiver has 67 catches for 629 and the SEC’s leader has 24 catches for 534. So basically I am saying his offense is flipping awesome. I am proud of my boy. Maybe one of these days we will see him on ESPN coaching a big dog team and I will be going nuts in the crowd.

I came home to the cutest boy on the planet and the greatest bride in the world. Tonight we went to dinner at Chic-Fila and it was kids club night at the greatest Chic-Fila in the world. We didn’t know it was going on but it was good for L. He painted a pumpkin and loved it. I just love this boy of mine. He is so much freaking fun.

So here is my final thought of the day. Life is really hard. People really let you down. Somehow you have to find a way to move on and fight through the pain. And that takes time. We are all a work in process and some times it takes a long time to heal. Wherever this post finds you I say this to you: there is hope and I pray you can see/know its there. Hold on, your community is here , let them love you.

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