Saturday, October 27, 2007

we're back

So this past week was great. I pretty much didn’t talk on my cell at all. Didn’t do emails(ok I did like 4). I really love the place we stayed. It is one of those places that makes us feel at home. We slept a lot, played around the condos, went to Fairhope, the outlets, and we went to the zoo. Really the bottom line is I love having down time with my lady and boy. Here are a couple of shots from our great time away.

zoo 2
bay 2


Susan said...

i love the picture of levi and rosie! and the one of the two of y'all is good too. glad y'all are back from the beach, i feel like i haven't talked to y'all in forever!

ashley said...

i love the pictures!! but come on aaron, those are fake turtles. everyone can tell. :)

Aaron said...

SUS: it has been forever, atleast since you and i have talked. i need to know what's the deal with LB.
Ashley: we thought the same thing about the turtles until it flinched. the stranger thing was that the fountain was a real person as well.

Annie said...

Levi + plaid shorts + crocs = cutest beach picture of 07.

Aaron said...

Annie: thanks. i love that kid.