Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Osteen Train

Well, I am not on the Joel Osteen train. I have seen him speak a few times. I must say he is really doing a great job selling the world on prosperity gospel. I am posting a video from Mars Hill in Washington. I really respect this guy Mark Driscoll, why you ask: because he is about Jesus.
here is a clip about Joel.

if you are a Joel Osteen lover i must say i am sorry that this will hit you in th gut but i hope you really can listen to what Joel says. At one point he says "you are not the sick well, you are the well not wanting to get sick." wow. I will just leave it there.


Annie said...

Here are my thoughts, not that you asked:
1) I dig Driscoll. Thanks for the intro a few months ago. He rules my iPod.
2) I'm too trusting and this stuff stresses me out (because I feel like I can't often ID the fakes in this dept.), so it's nice for someone to remind me that Jesus shows us who to trust.
3) Is Driscoll wearing girl jeans? I'm just sayin.....

Aaron said...

Annie on # 3...there is no way. Driscoll is one of the most "i am a man" men i have ever seen. so i would be shocked if they are girl jeans. but i have been wrong 2 other times in my life: )

ManUtd17 said...

I'm no Osteen fan. I do get a vibe on people. I get the used car salesman vibe from Osteen. Much like the vibe I get from Les Miles, but that's another story entirely. But, there's a part to what Osteen says that I appreciate. We're not victims -- in the sense that we don't have to remain victims. We don't have to adopt the victim mentality that so many in society fall prisoner to. And by "society" I mean those in the church and outside the church.

But it's important -- as Driscoll points out -- to understand that we don't have to come to the table with our, uh, stuff together before we can take a seat. And after we accept Christ for who He is, we shouldn't expect God to operate like an ATM doling out blessings and fat checks and perfect jobs and kids that always go to bed on time and co-workers who have our best interests at heart. We live in a world that is fallen. It would be nice if Osteen wasn't afraid to paint a true picture of the Christian walk. There's an ebb and flow to it. Our relationship with the Lord doesn't mean no more problems; it means we know someone who's been through a lot and who will walk beside us through the problems.

Just my thoughts.

Aaron said...

Billy-good to see you on here. I am not sure we personally know each other, but my wife told me who you are. I agree with you about the fact that so many people claim to be a victim and they are really just not wanting to take responsibility.
It is hard for me to say i like anything to do with someone like Osteen. I mean he should not sell his words as anything to do with Jesus. He is a motivational speaker, not a proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This is my soap box for the day.

Annie:on #1 easy to let him do that. #2 I can find myself to be to trusting as well. Thats why i think so many people have a bitter taste in their mouth of the church. they have grown up hearing/seeing the Christian life is great/painless all grins and giggle and thats just not real. Christianity=suffering. Thats why Osteen pisses me off so bad. I never see Jesus living a life of luxury.
ok i will stop writing.