Monday, September 03, 2007


So I haven’t really blogged in a while with any substance, so to night I am going throw out what has been on my mind lately. I am sorry if these thoughts may not be clear, I just want to get them out and wont have time to reread this thing a few times. Oh and this might be long.

Well to start here is our conversation to night at dinner. This came from a video we watched this morning at church about how to start an abortion truck ministry. Ok that was a joke, only b-ham folks will get that. We did watch this video and C and I started to talk about taking our boy with us over seas. We started talking about the possibilities about him getting sick and what could happen. I got sick in Romania once and lost 10 lbs in 1 week. L looses 10 lbs and well it wouldn’t be pretty. So we start really talking about what we would do and how bad we would feel if he got sick and we could have helped it. Now please don’t say “well God has a plan and if he calls him home, it’s his time”. See I know that. I get that fact that God is in complete control but it’s hard to imagine loosing my sweet boy. BUT please hear this as well: if my son ever looses his life while he is giving it away, for the sake of the Gospel at age 10 or at 45 I will be OVERLY proud of my son. I want us to travel to other countries so L can know how blessed we are and how most of the world really lives. So, I have no closer to this thought because I kind of start to cry when thinking about all the options.

Next thought:
Tonight we watched Charlotte’s Web, one of the few books I read cover to cover in elementary school. Now before you guys try and castrate me, I want to say that there are lines in that movie that will castrate us all and really hit at the heart of the Gospel. We have been talking about Justice these past couple of weeks at church. One of the 1st lines in the movie something like “you can’t kill him its not fair or just”. So this little girl is fighting for a runt saying he didn’t choose to be a runt and that she would care for it. I am really struggling with this idea. I am struggling to care for those who can’t care for themselves. I really want my heart to change. I want to give more of my life away.

This morning I really enjoyed myself. I went to see the Shane’s last Sunday night and loved the show. Shane E sings some of the best harmonies. The thing that really made my morning so good, that stemmed from the concert, was the song that says “Awaken whats inside of me.
Tune my heart to all You are in me.
Even though you're here, God come.” I think sometimes I think God needs to give me more of him. And scripture says we have all of Jesus. This song was my prayer this morning; I prayed that God would awaken my heart to know all of him that is in me.

Robby “Red” Brown. This cat is one of my best friends in the world. He is one of the most loyal friends I have. If I called him right now and said I had to have him come here, he would be on the next plane from MO. I love this guy. Well, he is the Offensive Coordinator at a small school in MO. He spent time on the Georgia Tech football team, was a GA at Troy State and now is the OC at SBU. I couldn’t have been more proud of him before his boys even played a down. But this Thursday they played there 1st game and his offense put up 519 total yards and scored 40 pts. I am SO proud of my friend.

Couldn’t be more excited about college football being back.

The last thing I will say is that my boy is loving walking the yard with me while holding golf clubs.


jimpharr. said...

maybe he'll be the next golfer that changes the sport. they'll call him "The Great White Tiger". anyway, i love reading about people's thoughts because it's kinda like being inserted into their brain for a few minutes. your brain was especially freeing.

Brian T. Murphy said...

good luck with the abortion truck ministry.

Aaron said...

jimbo: good luck with your play man

BTM: its going well so far. the only problem is the only truck i could get only gets like 4 mpg. but i figure natural resources are less important than a HUMAN LIFE!

Andy said...

you warm my soul both when I read your blog and when we talk on the phone. Let's both do something really weird and give away our lives for the gospel. Sound good? Great!