Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My list

I will proof this tomorrow, because its later than i thought it was.

Well I felt inspired to write a list of things on my mind.
Ok it’s a rant/ramble whatever in the deuce you want to call it.

1) I really like the new shane and shane cd. I know I wrote about it earlier but I am really identifying with some of their lyrics.
2) I am going to be leading worship for FPC’s D-now in November. I will be taking some CC kids with me. It should be a blast. It will be great to be with some old friends. FPC folks get ready I am bringing the thunder with me. And thunder has names: Saunders, Laiche, Justmann, Slaten and BLUSTER. Get ready. Honestly I don’t even thing FPC folks even read this blog besides Jim.
3) The #1 thing I like about Athens/Watkinsville is my church. I know I am on staff their but if I were not I would attend there. I love it. I just hope whoever you are reading this that you love your church and actively serve it.
4) Camille and I got home from Community group the other night and considered shooting ourselves after watching CRAP!!! The VMA’s were on. I remember growing up loving the VMA’s. I remember Nirvana rocking the stage, Chili Peppers played with socks, I guess I could go on and on but I wont. Here is my point we are raising a generation of kid that doesn’t know what real music is. If you have a computer you can make beats and if you can talk you can make a CD. I just think its sad that there is very little good music on the radio or on TV. You have to look for good music.
5) I think we really could spend tons of $ on clothes for L, he grows so fast.
6) Part of me really wants an electric guitar. But I don’t tend to like cheap stuff and I can’t afford the guitars I would want.
7) For some reason I couldn’t sleep tonight.
8) I loved my morning with my boy. I really hope he will grow up and love Jesus and give his life away to other people.
9) We LOVED the office season 3. Favorite lines so far: Bears-Beats-Battle Star Galatica.

Here are some great Office highlights.

10) Loving College football!
11) I am not doing well in fantasy football. I really need to do better.
12) Ok I am out.
13) One last thing. I like turkey bacon.


ashley said...

this post was great!!

i'm glad you like turkey bacon, it's delish. more people need to hop on the turkey bacon train.

we really need to see the office season 3. we can't afford it, but when we can, probably no one will hear from us until we've watched it all!

i missed camille at community group on sunday.

Aaron said...

Ashley: when we get done watching all the extra stuff and deleted scenes you are welcome to barrow our DVD's.

brad said...

We haven't met, but we have many common friends. I really enjoy your blog! I couldn't agree more with #4. I grew up on the VMA's and I didn't even know they were on the other night until the day after and all the commotion. It is a shame we aren't talking about some band that rocked it. That is what we used to be talking about the day after, not meltdowns and cries for help.

I can't wait for the new season of "The Office."

Susan said...

i totally agree on the VMA's. it completely depressed me.

Aaron said...

brad: thanks for stopping by. I used to record the VMA's to watch them over and over. this years sucked so bad.

Sus: i feel you, not literally but i feel your emotion.

jimpharr. said...

yo! man, i think D-Now is going to be right in the middle of rehearsals, but if there is any way i could make it down for any part i will! siked about the turkey bacon as well. honestly, i think i'm just siked about turkey.

Matthew said...

i was trying to send you an email today, I realized I don't have it. what's your address ?

Aaron said...

matthew: which Matthew is this? shoot me an email at

ashley said...

that would be awesome if we could borrow it! we have arrested development and house, so if you haven't seen those and want something new to watch, let us know!