Saturday, September 22, 2007

5 Years

my bride and i celebrated 5 years of marriage today, well i guess its yesterday now.
i couldn't be more in love. maybe thats cheesy to some but i got lucky. i really married my best friend.
here is a small list of my favorite things about my bride:
1) she makes me really laugh, like gut laugh.
2) she, for some reason, really believes in me
3) she is an incredibly selfless mom
4) she has this cute look when she thinks she said something funny. its this face that says "you know that was funny/cute" and that face is usually right.
5) she is very loyal
6) we dislike the same foods, maybe this is lame to some of you but when you are as picky as i can be, you can only dream of find someone that likes the same foods you do.
7) she loves college football.
8) she shows me the Gospel daily. i don't deserve her.

this is a picture my beautiful bride with our boy a few months ago.


Susan said...

yay! happy anniversary to you and camille!! i absolutely can not believe it's been 5 years. that is crazy.
love y'all!

jimpharr. said...

happyness to you both!

Al said...

sometimes aaron, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Brian T. Murphy said...

aaron - you consistently honor your wife with the way you write and speak of her. it's a theme with you. it's kind of rare, and very admirable.

congrats on the 5 year mark. and it's a beautiful thing that you dig your wife.

ashley said...


Aaron said...

SUS: thanks
jimbo: gracias
BTM: ya know i dated the following:
-a lying whore
-some one who unintentionally kept me from being me
-a bit of a a seductress
-a selfish gal never pleased with me
so when i met Camille it was like coming up for fresh air. she really was all that i had ever hoped for in a wife. the clinchers were shane B and she throws a football better than most boys.
Ashley-thanks, i am looking forward to lunch with your man on thursday.

ashley said...

he is looking forward to it, too! i hope camille is feeling better and i hope you'll both be at community group sunday! i feel like it's been weeks since i saw her!