Tuesday, August 21, 2007

thoughts for tonight

So tonight I have to make a change. I have to start going to bed early. Not really because I am being told to, I mean I don’t have a bedtime. I just think my body is not keeping up with my desire to stay up late.
So my thoughts for the night are as follows:
1) we have had 2 good weeks at church.
2) The sun is WAY to freaking hot these days.
3) My boy is literally a joy.
4) The new apple is less than impressive to me.
5) I am excited about the NFL draft stuff.
6) I hope Vick goes away for 5 years.
7) Madden 08 was pretty darn good
8) Nu-way wieiers dogs with out and sweet tea rock my world
9) Shane and Shane are going to be a great date this weekend
10) The fear of growing old has not hit me yet.
11) I am digging Elliot Smith right now. Thanks Ashley.
12) Some friends are going to be on a retreat next weekend. Pray for them.
13) Justin and Lisa are looking for a new church, I hope you guys find a church, Robert and Anna I hope the same for you.
14) I am ready for college football.
15) Chicken Biscuit Fridays.

I don’t think anyone knows this but every Friday we have Chicken Biscuits. We call it Chicken Biscuit Fridays. We have a chicken biscuit and our boy has a plan biscuit. Camille goes to get them and Levi and I play. When she comes home we eat biscuits together. Something about these Fridays I just love. I love having that routine and really love our Fridays as a family. The past few Fridays have been busy but the ones where it’s really a day for the 3 of us its great. I love these folks I live with. I am so lucky.


Brian T. Murphy said...

shane and shane, and elliott smith. same post. unbelievable.

so, why the early bedtime?

Aaron said...

Shane and Shane and Elliot don't go together i know.
The Shanes are 2 of the nicest guys i have have ever been around and they really have a heart for what they sing to be true. I think most "christian artist" put off this "i have it figured out front" but the Shanes are wanting more of Jesus meanwhile knowing the spit on him regularly. Plus their harmonies are SICK.
Elliott seems to be a very honest writer. I have only made it through new moon once.

the earlier bedtime is for 2 reasons:
1) my body needs a bit more sleep now that i am older. and that SUCKS for me.
2) my boy gets up between 7-8:30 and i feel like i should probably get up and help my bride in the morning instead of sleep as late as possible, get out of bed take a shower and come into the office.

Brian T. Murphy said...

I don't know the shanes. knowing people ALWAYS changes the way I feel about their music. that is for sure. sounds like they are pretty cool.

elliott smith is certifiably awesome.

I stay up pretty much all night. I've been getting 4-5 hours a night for the past 2 weeks straight, and it's starting to catch up with me.

you got a kid. that changes everything.

I want a kid.

ashley said...

i'm glad you're liking elliott smith!!

chicken biscuit fridays sound so fun!

going to bed early is the best. i've been trying for 9:30 lately, ha!

jimpharr. said...

surprisingly enough... i think i need to go to bed early as well, but there's something about my bed in my apartment that prevents that. oh well, young and vivacious right? wrong.

elliott smith's "Either/Or" album is his best work in my opinion...

Springer & Laura Susan said...

1. We love this picture of the Slatens.
2. We love Shane and Shane... pretty fired up about Sept. 14... they are coming to Auburn.
3. We love sleep too.
4. We love the Bulldogs.
5. We love your family.

Frank McKinley said...

I like them chicken biscuits.

Hey, believe it or not, I have an Elliot Smith CD.

Aaron said...

LSD: 1: thanks 2:hard not to love the shanes 3: sleep changed a lot when our boy walked into our lives 4:yes you do! 5: we love the Cains
Hey would you want to sing a prelude with me if you guys are still in town on Sunday?

Frank: both are hard not to like.

Susan said...

elliott smith = awesomeness. gab can give you 47 facts as to why he's wonderful if you ever need them.

chicken biscuit fridays would make my life complete.