Wednesday, August 15, 2007

late one

So the obvious:
1) its been way to long since I have posted.
2) I need to be in bed but I feel a bit sick right now, so I blog.

Life has been very full lately. I have had such a hard time dealing with some friends moving away. Robert got a new job in Marietta, he was my electric guitar player and a darn good one at that. Justin and Lisa are moving to Birmingham, for justins new job. Justin plays everything: acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and the penny whistle. His wife, Lisa, has one of the greatest voices I have ever sung with. She is really great. And now I know that I am going to loose my drummer in December, which is better than I thought because I was thinking it would be the 1st week of September.

Tonight I proved to my self that I am 29. Last week I kinda tweaked my quads. Tonight I played basketball and really hurt my left quad. It really hurts to even walk.
We got to see a hand full of people in Marietta the other night for the Rouxs welcome back party.
Camille really was to kind to me on the birthday. We went to a movie that rocked and went to dinner. Thanks to the Adairs for watching our little ball of energy.
Students start tomorrow.
I had a lot more to say buy I feel good enough to go to bed so I am out.
I love these two.


Brian T. Murphy said...

so this justin and this lisa - are they considering red mountain? always on the lookout for great musicians...

jimpharr. said...

so i guess that's Rosie's Mother Teresa impression? it's pretty good!

Aaron said...

BTM: they are going to check out RM. they are great. you can't beat her voice.
Jim: its just how she roles, she gives her life away!

Brian T. Murphy said...

well - ask them to introduce themselves to me if they do happen to come by.