Saturday, July 21, 2007

observation of the day

Todays Harry Paotter fans

are this generations Trekkys

i dont know the people in these pictures nor am i a potter or trek fan.
and obviously i am one of the few.

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ashley moyers said...

i went to borders last night (and ran into lindsey!) and it was insane. i have never read the books, or been to the premier or opening of anything so it was quite the experience! but i loved seeing it all!!

for all the pre-ordering and stuff people did, i was really surprised when the friend i was with got her book. we went to kroger and happened to be standing in the right spot where they decided to put the book table. so we were first in line, and likely some of the first people in athens to get the book! ha!


if you're not in macon, it would be awesome if you helped us move!! you have no idea how much we'd appreciate it!