Friday, July 13, 2007

long time since i have posted

So I haven’t posted in a while. It have been kind of strangely busy. So here is the 411.
I got to hang out with a few college roommates the other weekend and that was great. John and Sulka were and are great guys. So awesome to see the men God has brought you guys up to be. I was so fortunate to have you guys as roommates.
The 4th was good times at the park in Athens. We hung out with the Adairs. Good times. That weekend we had some Selvidge BBQ. I love that stuff. We had some good time with friends and a horrible fight with the ants.
I have a few things to rant about now:
1) I still hope Barry Bonds doesn’t break Hank Aaron’s record, even though I pretty much know it’s inevitable.
2) I want a bike. I think it will be fun when Levi rides a bike to ride with him. I want an Electra bike. I road one at Johns bike shop and liked it. Kinda throw back but cool still.
3) I really want to do rental thing but I am so cheap I can’t make myself do it. Ok I am not so cheap, I just can’t totally justify it. Well I mean I can I just wont splurge. If anyone wants to spot me $18 a month, HALA at your boy.
4) I am in love with Jason Laiche. Man I wish you played with us every week.(BTM this is my other wife)
5) Going to B-ham for a food feast in a few weeks. Oh and we will be working pretty hard during the day and stuffing our faces at night: )
6) I am kind of over yard work.
7) my boy is so freaking funny.
8) packing Robert and Anna tomorrow, sad they are moving.
9) we found the cable for guitar hero.

I have more but that’s enough now.
pict from the 4th


Brian T. Murphy said...

good to meet your other wife.

Al said...

would you say rant is a positive or negative word?

Aaron said...

Al: i am not sure, a rant for me is really just me rambling. so both positive and negative.