Saturday, June 23, 2007

Song of the Week

Great Song from our friends at Red Mountain Church.
Nice piano by BTM. Click Here for the song.


Brian T. Murphy said...

wow, aaron. thanks for that one. I'm usually a bit self-conscious about my songs.

Aaron said...

I think we all are a bit self-conscious about oour songs.
this is a good one. i really think "help my unbelief" is the best red mountain music CD. its just good.

ashley moyers said...

i'm not sure which to say is the best, but i really like the new double disc that just came out. but if you don't want a double disc, get "either/or" for acoustic-y stuff, or "xo" for more arranged stuff.

hope you enjoy it!

Aaron said...

thanks Ashely. I listened to his double cd and think i am going to get it.