Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rant of the day

I obviously took a break from talking about people that have impacted my life and I will continue that either this week while I am on vacation or next week when I return.
But today I wanted to post about where I live. Oconee county is where I stay.(that’s my inner gangster coming out) I like it here a lot. There is no traffic for the most part. There is a stupid new light that actually can add 5 min to a trip. I will spare you the details of what I like and move right to why I am posting.
Alcohol is one of the biggest issues in our town. People do not want restaurants to be able to sell anything other than wine and beer. That’s fine and all but the reasons are insane. The # 1 thing that I keep hearing is that if Liquor comes into Oconee the next thing will be strip clubs and bars(maybe become the breeding ground for young alcoholics like Athens. Yeah I said it, and parents that are cool with their 16 year old drinking and then sending them to UGA, I have seen your boy vomiting downtown in an alley, after a great night of fun. Responsible drinking is not taught.) Back to the strip clubs. Do you or anyone really think that Oconee is really going to get a strip club? The wont even let you build a house that is not on a one acre lot now. Which leads me to he other thing people think at that is: if liquor comes then so do “those people”. If you are not sure who “those people” are they are poor people. There are only 15 houses for sale under 160k. 5 of those are in Watkinsville. There are zero apartment complexes. Zero trailer parks. There are a couple of duplex. There are new cool town houses that start at 219k. the average new home cost 300+. Poor people can’t live here.

So what I am saying Oconee is trying to make itself a country club of people consumed with debt and a false sense righteousness.

I saw the following sign at a church last night and the sign in the back of a car. Please notice the 4 fish on the back of the car. The car sign says “vote no for alcohol”.

That’s my rant for the day.


Annie said...

Don't even get me STARTED on trying to get a teaching job in Oconee. You think Marietta has an OM problem? You ain't seen NOTHING until you try to break into the steel walls that are the OCBOE. Ridiculous. If you weren't born, raised, and baptized there, then you can't teach there. It made me SO mad a few years ago.

I'm totally over it now- can you tell?

Aaron said...

Annie: yeah it feels like its something in the past, i mean if you consider crazy lady hatin on OCBOE past it then, yeah your WAY past it. JK. I have so many friends that want to stay here as well but can't. No jobs or you are not one of the the chosen few. maybe Oconee is more Reformed than most would think: )

Brian T. Murphy said...

I think the term "alcoholic" is used too liberally to describe college students.

Aaron said...

BTM: I agree with that. UGA is such a strange place. On a thursday night it reminds me of Buckhead in ATL. Part of that remark from me came from a t-shirt a saw a UGA student wearing this past Friday night it said " University of Georgia, a proud developer of Young Alcoholics since 1843"
But Seriously it is a pretty gross place after about 2am. Because the fun drinkers are mostly gone and the SERIOUS drinkers are hanging out, making out (and a bit more), and vomiting all on the side of the road. My favorite: I was leaving a show one night at about 2:30am and dodged 3 fights while walking 2 blocks. (so has this comment response turned into me saying what' bad about Athens?) I really like Athens, a lot actually. But I need to to jet about 1am if I am hanging out downtown.

Frank McKinley said...

"Poor people can’t live here."

It's sad that this is the prevailing attitude out there. I imagine the intention in Oconee County is that it should be a moral sanctuary. It seems more Pharisaical than sensible since as you say "parents ... are cool with their 16 year old drinking and then sending them to UGA." It's like the judge who condemns a stranger for his wrongs and turns a blind eye to his own family's sins.

I'm not of the economic means to live in Oconee. And even if I was, I'd probably get more for my hard-earned dollar in Madison county. Sure, we may be 20 years behind the times, but it's not all bad.