Saturday, June 09, 2007

He Talks...kind of

this isn't a fancy video, i just thought what i recorded with my isight was pretty funny. the music is from red mountains "depth of mercy" cd.
video will be up soon. till then you can see it here.


Brian T. Murphy said...

quite the soundtrack.

Aaron said...

yeah, i heard the guy that produced the cd is a genius, at least in his own mind.
i put that on there because i was cutting grass yesterday and had my the ipod on shuffle and you guys came up a few time.

Springer & Laura Susan said...

Levi is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

David Wilhite said...

that's hilarious!

ashley moyers said...

aaron, levi is the cutest boy EVER!

i am finally commenting to you after reading for quite some time!

you are at the beach, i hope it's fun!

Aaron said...

Ashely: thanks. we love our boy. she is so much fun.
we are enjoying the beach. Levi is not a huge fan of the sand yet. but its just day one.