Friday, May 18, 2007

What is to come

Two hours of hard-core tackle football in the mud with great friends, life doesn’t get much better. this picture is one of my greatest memories in youth ministry. Which leads me to where I am going.

I was cutting grass and a song by one of my good friends husband came on the ipod and I decided where I am going to take my blog over the next couple of weeks. I am going to write about friends and how the impact/change our lives. I am not going to put folks full names but the people I plane on writing about are Waters, Brown, Curl, Gunter, and Suite 13. So, I plan on posting about these great influences in my life. I hope you will read and possibly enjoy and remember the people that have changed your life.


jimpharr. said...

i see you're starting series blog... NICE!

Aaron said...

it will be a short series. I am not changing my blog i will still ramble. i just want to talk about life changing friends.

jimpharr. said...